Friday, September 5, 2014

9/5/14: Peapod by Stop and Shop Pick Up Grocery Service

I really hate to grocery shop.  I take a short list and then aimlessly wander the aisles.  I always have to double back before I forgot something and it is so time consuming.  I sometimes avoid the deli because of the lines.  Add in two kids with you and you come out with nothing for meals and all snacks.  I have a great solution!  Peapod by Stop and Shop's Pick-up Service.  Read on and you can win $25 worth of groceries from Peapod by Stop and Shop.
Oh my gosh, I am in love with this service!  It is so easy.  Setup a profile online and pick out your groceries.  They have easy ways to select by shopping by aisle or looking at sale items.  Plus if you have ordered from them before you can start from a previous list.  I also loved that you could see the total amount you were spending which would allow you to stick to a budget.  I know often times I am surprised when I go to checkout to see what my bill is.  Then you pick a one hour window that you want to pickup which I noticed to be about two days out so plan ahead, then drive there and pick-up your groceries from the comfort of your car.  Yes they put the groceries right in to your car!
All of the things I hate about shopping are gone.  
No waiting at the deli with a number!
No dragging kids to the grocery store!
No unloading groceries on to the belt!
No loading groceries in to your car!
They do it all for you!  
 I know what you are thinking, what does it cost?  For pick-up there is only a charge of $2.95!!!  There is a minimum of $60 but I don't know how anyone can go shopping and spend less than that.This is a great service!  
I have not tried the delivery service but that looks pretty amazing too.
You can enter to win $25 worth of groceries below.
Disclosure:  I was provided with $50 worth of groceries for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.
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