Wednesday, September 24, 2014

9/24/14: Musical Instruments To Play or Not to Play That is the Question

Recently we received a letter home from the music department.  Little did I know that in the fourth grade you can try out an instrument.  At first I thought that Evan wouldn't be interested.  I was very surprised when he said that he wanted to try it and of all the instruments he wanted to try and play the violin.  I have to admit I had to hold back a giggle.  I just can't envision him playing the violin.  Apparently there had been a demonstration at school and the kids got to try all of the instruments and this is what he liked the best.  Plus many of the kids discussed what they wanted to play and it seems violin is a popular choice.  I am fairly sure he is not holding the bow correctly in this picture but he was so excited with his new instrument.
Now if Evan has the musical ability I have this will not last too long however I always want my kids to try new things.  I remember this as a kid and deciding I was destined to be a wonderful clarinet player.  To my dismay I was not a musical person.  I practiced but I was terrible and ultimately only lasted a couple months.  In fact I remember trying out for the chorus also in 4th grade and being turned down.  I still to this day have hard feelings over this because I had to remain in my classroom with a few other non-musical friends.  I still remember how upset I was to not have been chosen.  To be fair they should have just let us all be in chorus.  Why did they let everyone except for about 4 kids?  Of course times have changed and this would not happen now.
Well after making sure Evan really did want to play an instrument and not caring that he would miss one recess a week to do this we decided to take the plunge.  So we headed to the information night where I was overwhelmed by many companies that you could rent instruments from.  Ultimately I chose the one with the largest crowd and a deal to pay for one month and get three months free.  Seemed like a good deal.  It was funny as all the parents were walking out with their children holding their instruments.  We all looked at each other with a bit of an eye roll knowing that ear plugs would be in our future.  I was amazed at how many kids were there.  
We will see, who knows he might be destined for the Boston Symphony Orchestra.  But for now I will take just a few less screeches and a pair of ear plugs.

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Mama Up! said...

I can't believe there were tryouts for fourth grade choir! At that age everyone should have a chance. Some of the best musicians and artists, etc. were not "natural talents".