Monday, June 11, 2012

6/11/12: 2012 Dance Recital for All Three of Us

Yesterday all three of us had our Dance Recital with Ellen's School of Dance.  It was Evan's 1st Recital doing Hip Hop, Lauren's 3rd doing Ballet and my 9th doing Tap.  We all did so awesome!
 Fred wanted to get in on the action and be in the picture.
Very excited to dance!
 Let's start with Evan since he was on 1st in the show.
 Love this!
 He danced with 5 other little boys and they did great!  He was really nervous as he had never been on stage before but they all did so good!  I was so proud of him.  Here is his teacher showing them where they should be on stage.
 It was their first time having an all boy number in the recital in years so this was exciting.
 Here they are dancing away!
 Their ending pose.
 Here is video of their performance:
Now on to my little ducky!
Lauren is an old pro in recitals as this is her 3rd and she is only 5.  Here she is with her other ducks singing a cute song.
Of course you have to quack!
All the ducks.
Dancing away.
Shaking those hips.
So intent on what to do.
Here is video of her performance:
Then I danced!  I had not danced in 20 years but last year came back and took an Adult Tap class with some friends I went to high school and danced with before.  It is lots of fun.  This was my 2nd recital back after 20 years.  Plus Lauren and I have the same teacher I had as a kid and I used to assistant teach with her.
This is all you will see of mine, we do a little kick line at the end.  No video being posted of this dance but it was fun being back on stage.  Would you believe we were called "The Historical Society".  Next year we kidded we could dance with walkers.

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