Monday, June 4, 2012

6/4/12: Fun in Epcot and the Disney Visa Meet and Greet

The third in my series of Walt Disney World is Epcot.  My kids love Epcot.  I have heard many say that their kids don't enjoy Epcot but I have not experienced this.  One of my favorite things in Epcot is the special meet and greet we receive due to our Disney Visa.  Tip:  If you have the Disney Visa between the hours of 1:30-4 in Innoventions (right next to the Where's The Fire Game) there is a special meet and greet where you must show your Disney Visa for admission.  You never know which characters you will get however we got 3 of the big ones.  I love it as it is time with just the characters and you and you can spend a little time with them.
We took a lot of character pictures so I thought I would put it in to a slide show.  This included dinner at the Garden Grill and the character meet and greet which is great because it has Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto and Goofy all in one spot.  This is the only park that offers this.

Another thing that was great is that the kids rode Mission Space.  I love that they now have a Green and Orange team so that the kids can ride the less severe version.  Even my husband who gets motion sickness got very sick from the Orange version years ago.  Green is perfect for kids and people who get motion sickness.
 Evan ready to ride.
 Locked in and ready to go.
 Blast off!
 After the ride, they liked it and even rode it twice.
We were very lucky in the fact that the Flower and Garden Show was over however on our first day in Epcot many of the displays remained.  Here is Mater and Lightning McQueen.
 Woody and Buzz.
 Lotso who is Lauren's favorite.
 Farmer Mickey and Minnie.
 Donald and Daisy.
 Peter Pan and Captain Hook.
The kids also love the Nemo ride.  They love the birds that say Mine.  It was funny during Turtle Talk with Crush Evan got to ask a question and after Crush asked him what he liked to do.  He replied play Angry Birds and then Crush asked him what the birds say and said how his birds say Mine.
 You have to pose in Bruce's mouth.
I usually take a lot of pictures of the Castle, this time I took a lot of the Epcot ball.
 Love this one!
 And of course at night.
You have to go to the Laser show, this is always a big hit with the kids.
 So beautiful, it is so hard to capture it with pictures.


Isra said...

Our kids loved Epcot too! Those water sprinkler/fountains turned out to be one of their favorite things. I never knew about the Disney visa, will have to look into it.

izza said...

It's really nice to have fun and spend our holidays in Epcot. Hope to be there again this Christmas. Stroller