Saturday, June 2, 2012

6/2/12: Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World Star Wars Weekend

Since we just returned from Walt Disney World I thought I would highlight some of our favorite things per park and also some tips.  First I am starting with Hollywood Studios.  We were there during Star Wars weekend this visit.  My kids aren't really in to Star Wars so it actually worked out for us as most people were there to line up and see characters from Star Wars making the wait times for other attractions shorter.  I was told that the wait for Darth Vader was over 2 hours!
Evan absolutely loves the Cars movies and Lightning McQueen so after we Fast Passed the Toy Story ride (Tip:  If you want to ride the Toy Story ride you must Fast Pass this as soon as you enter the park or you will be waiting well over an hour) we headed to see Lightning and Mater.
 He was very happy that Lightning was back as last year when we went he was being repainted for his new movie Cars 2.
 Love Mater!
Lightning McQueen also has been added to the Lights, Motor, Action! Stunt Show.  He chases down the bad guy.  He is replacing Herby who used to appear in the show.
 Before the show we saw him drive by in the back and I thought my heart skipped a beat, it was so cool.  So awesome seeing Lightning driving around.
Of course we had to go see Phineas and Ferb too as they are right next to where Lightning McQueen and Mater are.
 They kept the kids entertained as they were waiting to meet them by doing fun games with them.
Lauren had fun "playing" her guitar.
Then we got to see some of the stars from Monster's Inc.  Here is Sulley.
 And Mike Wizowski, this is the first time we got to see him.  The wait time for him was only 5 minutes as everyone was in line right next to the Monsters Inc. characters for Darth Vader.
And we saw Winnie the Pooh.

The kids love the Green Army Man from Toy Story.
Since it was Star Wars weekend we did end up seeing one of the Storm Troopers.
 This looked cool, you could actually get yourself frozen like that and get a small scale model of it sent home.  Here is Boba Fett guarding it.
 Darth Vader had a 2 plus hour wait, but I snapped a picture of him in passing.
 And here is Chewbacca.  It really was a dream come true for Star Wars Fans as there were so many characters and also some actors were doing signings who were voices for characters in the newer movies.
The family pretending to be Storm Troopers.
I love that each year the kids can ride more rides.  This year Evan rode the Tower of Terror with me.  He didn't mind it, but was concerned about the fact that it used to be a hotel.
 We had never done the American Idol experience as we aren't big fans of the show, but this time we did the Finale show and it was really cool.  The singers were really good and then you got to vote for a winner.  The judges were also very similar to the real (original) judges.
 Another thing we always do is the Fantasmic Dining Package.  When you book this you eat at one of three restaurants and then get priority seating to the show which is well worth it.  We ate at Mama Melrose's and the food was great.  Then we ended up sitting in the 4th row for the Fantasmic Show which fills up quickly.
Such an amazing show.
 Mickey is victorius!  If you haven't seen this show, it is amazing and well worth it.
All the characters on the boat.

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