Friday, June 1, 2012

6/1/12: Disney World Hangover

Hi everyone!  I just returned from Disney World which is why I have had a break in blog posts.  Now I am experiencing the Disney World hangover.  I bet you haven't heard of this, probably because I just coined the phrase.  It is when you feel wiped out from 8 days in the parks, realize you are no longer in Fantasy Land, and have a laundry pile the size of the Everest ride.   It is all worth it though as it was an absolutely wonderful trip as always.
Our feet hurt and we are returning back to reality and adjusting to not living in the most Magical Place on Earth any more.  Would you believe I took 2300 and Disney PhotoPass took another 400!  Needless to say it will take me a bit to wade through them all and get some posts up.

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