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6/23/12: Monopoly zAPPed from Hasbro - Have a Family Game Night

I must admit one of my favorite board games as a kid was Monopoly.  I loved playing it.  In today's technology age it seems kids don't play board games any more, however with this new generation of games I see kids being more interested.  I mentioned earlier in my post on Hasbro that they have come out with new zAPPed Board Games. The Game of Life, Monopoly, and Battleship all got zAPPed. Notice the APP. Hasbro is kicking off a new era of gaming with this unique gaming experience to combine face to face board games with new innovation.  I recently received Monopoly zAPPed and the kids couldn't wait to play.
The game can be used with an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone.  We used it with my iPhone.  The first step is to download the free Monopoly zAPPed game app from the App Store for free.  The App steps you through all setup and allows you to assign each player a bank card.  Here is Evan tapping his card to assign it to himself.
And here is Lauren assigning her card in the App to herself. 
It still has all the same play pieces you love and remember - the Dog, the Shoe, the Car, etc.  You can also assign your play piece to yourself in the App with you name and assign the corner of the board you are playing from.  To start the game you spin the wheel on the device and it shows who will start the game.  Each roll of the dice brings you to a property you can buy or buy in auction or pay someone if they own it.  Electronically everything is captured on your device tracking everything you spend and get paid so there is no paper money.  There is also Chance and Community Chest spots that now allow you to play mini-games on the App to win more money.  You can even play a mini-game on the device to avoid paying the $50 fine when you go to Jail.
There are still houses and hotels that you can put on properties and it really is the same game you know and love just updated.  Here it is as packaged and has a suggested retail price of $29.99 
I love how it shows the winner at the end with how much money each of you have and the picture of the game piece you have chosen.  I really think kids will respond to this game.  Although it says ages 8 and up my 5 and 7 year old had no problem playing.  I really enjoyed playing it too as it brought me back to my childhood playing Monopoly with my Mom and friends.   
Here is the Game of Life and Monopoly at Toy Fair.
So go ahead have a Family Game Night!
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Disclosure: I received Monopoly zAPPed for review. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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