Monday, June 13, 2011

6/12/11: Dance Recital for Lauren and Mommy!

Lauren was in her second Dance Recital on Sunday.  I was in the Recital also.  After 20 years not being on Stage I can't believe I was able to perform.  As you might notice from the dates of my Blog posts, we had 3 shows this weekend - Gymnastics, Baton and Dance! 
 Here we are all ready to go.
 Lauren showing me some poses before we leave for the Recital.
 Another cute pose.
 I thought this was super cute.
 On Stage for Dress Rehearsal.
 Having fun on Stage.
 Bounce Bounce.
 And bounce to the back.
 Time for her front roll.
 All the girls on Stage.
 Mommy on Stage.
 I did it!
 My two little loves!
Here is video of Lauren's Dance Routine.

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