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12/8/14: Linden Square Shop, Sip & Stroll

I was extremely lucky to go to Linden Square Wellesley last week for a Shop, Sip and Stroll event to check out the hot holiday gifts they have.  I must admit I had never been there before and was so excited to find this gem.  There are so many shops and dining options.  The full list is here but I will go over some highlights of where I visited.  You can also check out Linden Square's Gift Guide.
We started off at Roosters which is a beautiful barbershop and gives men the option to make an appointment or walk in.  They also have a father and son hair cut option. 
I loved the atmosphere and the barbers and stylists are top notch.  In fact the barber we met got to shave Dr. Phil's mustache off!  He had it for 38 years and he trusted this barber to remove it. 
Then we headed off to a salon for the ladies, Salon Maleah for some holiday party hairstyles.  It was a beautiful and friendly salon welcoming the whole family.  They have wonderful hairstylists there that have been stylists for years.
We were treated to some tips from stylists on hot, easy hair styles for holiday get togethers.  One was the hair twist which is easy to do and looks beautiful.  They also taught us that put the crinkled part of the bobby pin down in your hair for it to stay in longer!  Who knew I was doing it wrong all these years?
Next we headed to Magic Beans to check out some hot holiday toys.  Wow what a selection, I will only highlight a few.  As you enter there was a whole holiday table which had some great items.
We then moved on to some toys for my kids age group including Goldie Blox which I love for the budding woman engineer, and wrecking ball and other building toys for kids.  There were tons of Lego sets, science sets, and so much more for everyone on your list.
We got to feel Sands Alive.  This stuff is amazing and does not dry out!  Plus it is bacteria resistant and 100% organic.  Play with it again and again. 
We also got to see some great cooperative games from Peaceable Kingdom.
I absolutely love these MBTA trains!!!  There was a huge selection of trains.
Plus my favorite being an engineer was all the science kits!  They are great.  What is better than learning and having fun?
Then we headed to Kenzie and Tiny Hanger which are connected.  Kenzie is an awesome store for tweens, kids and mom.  It is that perfect balance as little girls are growing up.  When we were there they had this super cute donut setup with real donuts on the white stand.
The clothes there are beautiful!
Can you spot the #LindenSquareElf?
I love this dress and it would look great on Lauren.
They also have beautiful accessories and a lovely assortment of fancy dresses for girls.
We then went in to Tiny Hanger and they have the most adorable clothes and accessories for little ones. 
These bibs almost made me want to have another baby.  Notice I say almost, I was reminded after I left that two kids is enough for me.
They had a lovely assortment of treats for the Sip and Stroll.  These were made by one of the ladies working there.  What talent!
There were cute little toys there too.
I see you again #LindenSquareElf.
We didn't stop there.  Remember it is the holiday season, you need to keep shopping.  Next up was Bonsoir which has luxury linens from Italy, France and the US.  
We even got a napkin folding lesson to learn how to make our holiday table look fantastic.
It was lovely there.
There were beautiful bath items also.
Then it was on to Sara Campbell for lovely holiday fashions.  They had amazing clothes.
We got to see the Magic Dress which works for any body type and is perfect for those holiday gatherings.
We also got to see some wonderful shawls that can be worn many different ways and are perfect to dress up any outfit.
We learned that fringe is in this season.
I love this piece, and yes it is as soft as it looks.
Lovely scarves.
Their collection was so elegant and beautiful.
They had lovely accessories also.
Next we went to the Tobey Grey Boutique.  They are known for their denim and will do denim fittings to make sure you have the perfect pair of jeans.
I loved this lovely layering option.  This vest was so soft.

They also have dresses.
One of their hottest sellers has been their sweaters.  They are lovely.
Who doesn't love accessories?  We went to Ceri Boutique to see some cool accessories.  They had some beautiful jewelry.
I love these little purses.
They also have some gorgeous clothes.
I love these scarves.  They are digitally printed with images from artists.
Who doesn't need some relaxation at the holidays or after the holidays?  I know most people do.  We got to check out the Bella Sant√© Spa.  This is one of their three locations.  As expected their biggest seller at the holidays are their gift certificates.
It is a beautiful spa and they have so many services.  I have gone to their spa in Lexington and love it.  It is a great place to find some relaxation.  I have always had a wonderful experience there.
We then got to try out The Cottage for lunch.  The food was awesome.  Here are the nachos.  They were amazing.  All of the food was really good.
I had the Chicken and Goat Cheese Salad and it was fantastic.
Unleashed by Petco also stopped by and brought us some treats for our furry friends.  Our dog Fred was very happy.  Last but not least we got to go to Impulse by Adamas Fine Jewelry.  I mean really you can never go wrong with jewelry.  Hint hint John if you are reading.
There were some amazing pieces there.
We were lucky enough to pick out a Sisco+Berlutti bracelet.  There is a great selection and most are under $100.
I hope this helps give you some ideas for your holiday shopping.
Find Linden Square Wellesley online:
Twitter:  @LindenSqWell
Disclosure:  I received a tour of Linden Square along with a gift bag and lunch.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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