Tuesday, July 12, 2011

7/12/11: One for the Girls, a Chip Free Manicure for 3 Weeks with Gelish!!!

Ok, this is going to be out of character for my blog, but I need to scream from the roof tops about Gelish Gel Polish.  I had always had long nails that were painted, of course this was before children.  The other issue I always had is that if I went and paid for a Manicure, within a day one of my nails already had a chip in the polish.  This always frustrated me and being thrifty, made me not want to spend money on having my nails done.  Well recently a friend at work told me about Gelish Gel Polish.  I was adamant that I didn't want fake nails and panicked at the word Gel but she assured me it is just a Nail Polish, but it lasts up to 3 weeks!!!!  I was in amazement.  I had an appointment scheduled as a treat to have my nails done and brought up Gelish and low and behold they had it, and in tons of colors!
The nice thing about all of these colors is that there is always an OPI color to match for your toes.  I don't know about you, but my pedicures do last and don't chip.  I was so impressed with the Gelish Polish the first time that I have been going back every three weeks to have them done.  And believe me it lasted with no chips at all for three weeks.  I even had people comment after 2 weeks that my nails looked great and I must have just had them done.  I laughed and explained it had been 2 weeks. 

I have had the High Voltage (which had glitter), a French Manicure (yes they can even do that and it looked wonderful!!!), Queen of Hearts and most recently Tutti Fruitti (shown here, as you can see it matches my toes which are not done with Gelish).
The scoop on what they do is the nail polish is applied as any other nail polish is applied with a base and top coat, however you put your nails under a UV lamp in between each coat to cure.  More information on the Hand & Nail Harmony website. 
The other great thing is when they are done your nails are totally dry!!!!  No picking up your purse or wallet with two fingers worrying that you will smudge or chip your polish.  Being a busy Mom of two this was awesome to me!!!
When I go back to have it redone she will file the top coat to take off the shiny part, wrap my nails in a cotton ball with gel polish remover and foil and then have me put them under a warm blanket.  Then she able to remove the nail polish.  (She did explain you can remove it yourself also, just don't peal it off!)  It does not wreck your nails at all.
Note that there was no exchange of products for this post, this is just me telling you about a wonderful product that I have come to love!

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~Kristen~ The DVC Mom said...

I love Gelish, but my experience has been that the "matching" Opi polish for my toes doesn't always match. Also I found that the Gelish didn't really like sea water and became soft. However neither of those things will stop me from getting it done again.

Thanks for stopping by the DVC Mom Blog earlier, and I followed you back on GFC!