Sunday, May 23, 2010

5/23/10: Evan's 5th Birthday Party at the Fire Station

Evan had a fantastic 5th birthday party. We started at the Billerica Fire Station and learned a lot from the Fire Fighters including all the kids spraying the hose, getting to go in the Fire Trucks and rescue boat, seeing the jaws of life in action, seeing the ladder go up and a fire fighter climb it, and seeing a fire fighter in full gear to teach the kids to not be afraid. Everyone - kids and adults had a great time. Right as we were wrapping up they got a call and we saw the Fire Truck speed away in front of us.
The ladder fully extended!
Evan in full gear.
Evan spraying the hose. One of his favorite parts.
Many of the kids...we had 28 kids there! All of Evan's classmates and friends.

Lauren and Evan.

We then had people back to the house for fun in the bounce house, outdoor games, and food. Here we are at cake time! Mommy made a Fire Truck and Fire Station cake and flame cupcakes.
A great time was had by all.
Evan's Formal 5th birthday pictures. In full fire fighter gear. They claim these will be up in Piture People.
One more:

And a full slideshow of the party:
And a full slideshow of formal shots:

Monday, May 17, 2010

5/17/10: More Disney World Photos

As I said in my last post with Characters we took a lot of photos in Disney. Here is a sampling of some of the other cute ones. The kids playing together at the end of a long day.
Mommy was so proud of Evan - he went on Big Thunder Mountain for the first time and liked it!

Here are some more pictures from rides:

And some random pictures:

And some from the Flower and Garden Show in Epcot:

A sleepy Princess. What a great vacation!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

5/16/10: Disney World Character Photos

We had such an awesome time in Disney World. The kids loved it. Their favorite rides were It's a Small World (which we went on 7 times), Buzz Lightyear ride, Toy Story ride, Goofy's Barnstormer Kiddie Coaster and several others. Another highlight for them was seeing all the characters and getting their autographs. Here are just the start of some pictures. These are just with the characters. I will post more once I order our Disney PhotoPass CD. All other photos are in our Shutterfly Share Site here.
From our special meet and greet in Epcot with the characters.
Our Disney Visa Meet and Greet.
When we ate at the Castle.
We even got to see Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen from the Princess and the Frog.
Here is a slideshow of seeing different characters around the parks:
And here is another slideshow from our dinners/breakfasts with the characters. We ate at the Castle, the Tusker House in Animal Kingdom for Donald's Safari Breakfast, Garden Grill with Chip/Dale/Mickey and Pluto, Mickey's Backyard BBQ, Sci-Fi Diner, and the Floridian at 1900 Park Faire with Cinderella:

Monday, May 3, 2010

5/3/10: Evan's Field Trip to the Aquarium

Evan's Field trip to the Aquarium was lots of fun. Last year we weren't able to go since we were in Disney World but this year we made it. What fun!
Looking cool outside.
At the Omni 3d movie.
Evan checking out the baby turtles.
And the big turtle at the top of the tank - Myrtle. She is 75 years old!
And with a fake turtle.
Mommy and Evan hanging out by the tank. We had such a fun time. Evan even fell asleep on Mommy on the bus ride home.
Molly and Evan on the bus ride to the Aquarium getting really excited. They sang the Wheels on the Bus.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

5/2/10: Where a Kid Can be a Kid and Party

Evan had so much fun with his classmates today at a Birthday Party at Chuck e Cheese. Here he is with the birthday girl and Chuck E Cheese. I am so sad next year many of his friends will go to different schools and we won't be in class with them again till High School.
Getting excited for Chuck e Cheese to come out.
Playing some Air Hockey against one of his fellow Green Goblins.
Seeing the mouse.
Lauren hit a Jackpot! 500 tickets!