Friday, May 30, 2008

5/30/08: Fun at the Park

We went to the park today and had a lot of fun. Evan met a little friend there and had fun playing with him in the sand box.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

5/27/08: Another Birthday Party at Daycare

Wow this kid gets to celebrate his birthday many times. Here is his party at daycare. He had lots of fun with the kids.

Monday, May 26, 2008

5/26/08: Singing Happy Birthday

Evan and Mommy and Daddy singing Happy Birthday on Evan's actual birthday.

5/26/08: Evan's Actual Birthday and the Zoo

We went to the Roger Williams Zoo in Rhode Island for Evan's actual birthday. I love this picture of Lauren peeking through the double stroller. We had lots of fun and saw a ton of animals. Evan enjoyed taking pictures of them with the new digital camera he got for his birthday.

We had a cake for Evan today too and sang him Happy Birthday.

5/25/08: Evan's 3rd Birthday Party

Evan had a wonderful Mickey Mouse Birthday party. All of his friends had a great time playing in the bounce house, riding around on his new gift from Mommy and Daddy (the new F150 truck), playing with the sand and water table, swinging on the swingset, playing in the yard and doing a Mickey Mouse hat craft. Here is a sampling of pictures, for more go to the Shutterfly Album.

Cake time!

Evan and Lauren right before the festivities.

Here is Jack, Evan and Molly playing badmitton together.

Fun in the Bounce House

and fun on the swings...

Evan, Matt and Molly in Ev's truck.

The Mickey cake that took Mommy forever to make.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

5/26/08: Evan is 3

Well he is 3 on the 26th and I am posting this on the 24th, but close enough. His Doctor appointment went well. He is doing great and is now 34.4 lbs and 38.25 inches (both 75th percentile). His Mickey birthday party is tomorrow. The cake is made, only took 5 1/2 hours!

Evan's 3 Year Formal Pictures:

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

5/21/08: Playing with my new Flip Video Camera

So here it is, my first videos. Here is my first one of Evan and one of Lauren eating Corn on the Cob for the first time.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

5/20/08: Kids in Space

Yes your eyes do not deceive you, these kids are in Space. Just kidding, my friend Dawn made these cool pictures for me the NASA freak that I am. Love it! Maybe one of them will make it to space some day.

5/20/08: Video heading your way

I just bought the Flip Ultra, so stay tuned for more video here. We never bring our video camera places, so this way we will be able to have a small little camera with us and capture more. I am excited to start using it, it was delivered today.

Other than that we are preparing for Evan's 3rd birthday party. Evan is looking forward to it and can't wait to see all of his friends. I will be making a Mickey Mouse cake for it. Hopefully it comes out good. Evan has his 3 year Doctor appointment tomorrow so I will be back to report on that.

Friday, May 16, 2008

5/16/08: Learning, Music and Coloring are Fun

We went to the Reading Library for Music time again with Jack and had a great time. The kids especially liked "Goodnight Moon" as a song and the Monkey song.

Evan is a chip off the old block using the computer. Here he is updating the blog.

Lauren enjoyed coloring with the big kids at the table and dancing to the music. She is sooooo close to walking on her own and has taken 1 or 2 steps. She has been practicing a lot. She stands for a bit on her own too. She loves walking in a circle with Mommy doing Ring Around the Rosie. She also can now roll her arms to the "Wheels on the Bus". She loves doing it and is getting so vocal.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

5/11/08: Happy Mommy's Day

We had a wonderful Mommy's Day. We went to Nonna and Nonno's (Daddy's parents) house first for breakfast, then later met Nana and Papa (Mommy's parents) at Danversport Yacht Club (same room Mommy and Daddy got married) for brunch. Evan painted a face on a potted plant for Mommy at daycare, went shopping with Nana and Papa and got Mommy flowers, perfume and soap, gave her a Digital photo frame, and then both Lauren and Evan did a craft with Mommy and Daddy with their handprints. Here are all of our April and May '08 Pictures including Lauren's Birthday.

Mommy gave Evan two Speed Racer cars and Lauren a bathing suit since they are the reason she is a Mommy. Nana used to give gifts to Mommy on Mother's Day too, this is where Mommy got the idea.

5/11/08: Sweet Ride

Evan got his Birthday gift a little early. A new F150 truck. It goes 5 miles an hour and has a radio. He had a great time driving around the yard in it. He is a chip off the old block by driving it into Daddy's car within his first 2 minutes driving it. Mommy did the same thing one of the first times she drove with a Learner's Permit. She pulled into the driveway and hit her Dad's car too. We are already having visions of teaching him to drive for real. Both of us were saying stop, turn right and turn left a lot.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

5/7/08: Evan and Lauren's Joint Birthday Party with Play Group

We had a wonderful joint Birthday party for Evan and Lauren with our Wednesday night play group of kids in the neighborhood. Everyone enjoyed bouncing in the bounce house, playing on the swings and eating cupcakes. The kids got to chose from Princess and Mickey cupcakes. It was a lot of fun!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

5/6/08: We would like to announce Evan's engagement

Gilda and John Aliberti would like to announce the engagement of their son Evan to Molly.
Yes Evan's friend Molly announced that they would be getting married tomorrow (sorry Sophie). Please plan accordingly to enjoy in the festivities. Ha, ha. The best part is that Evan's other friend Sydney said that she couldn't marry Evan because he was too little and he would drool on her dress. Those finicky older girls (pictured here hugging Evan on the right, Molly is on the left). This pictures (and the first one) are a year old, but cute.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

5/3/08: Evan's 1st Swim Class

Evan loved swimming. He got to wear his new Finding Nemo bathing suit and had fun in the pool with Daddy. He even swam a bit with just the bubble and John not holding him. He has been talking excitably about how his head went under water. My pictures aren't the best because the pool was far away from the viewing area. Crazy Mommy even tried to go outside to a window but the reflection on the glass made the pictures not come out good. Lauren did enjoy standing at the window and watching the kids in the pool. We will see, maybe she will be in the next session. It was a busy day for both kids since Lauren had Gymboree in the morning too and we went to cousin Michael's 1st Communion in the afternoon.

Evan is actually standing on the side of the pool ready to jump in (probably can't see that).