Tuesday, May 26, 2009

5/26/09: Happy Birthday Evan and lots of pictures

First off today is Evan's actual birthday, so happy birthday to him. If you really enjoy pictures there are a bunch more Disney pictures and Evan's Birthday on our Shutterfly Share site which I just added. There are more pictures from Disney's PhotoPass that Disney took (but it may require you to create an account). They got a lot of great ones of the four of us and the characters and Castle. I especially like the ones where they superimposed Tinkerbell in Lauren's hand and Simba in Evan's arms. Well worth the purchase of the CD of photos.
We saw Mickey and Minnie many times.
From our special Disney Visa meet and greet. We had so much fun.
For just pictures with characters I already posted that on here. And here is a picture I am especially proud of that I took of the Castle during the Wishes Fireworks display.

Monday, May 25, 2009

5/24/09: Evan's Fireman Sam 4th Birthday Party

Evan loves Fireman Sam and in general fire trucks and fire stations which made for an easy decision this year for his birthday party. We decided to have a Fireman Sam theme and have it at the Fire Station in town and then head back to the house for fun in the bounce house and playing out in the yard. The kids had such a great time at the fire station shooting the fire hose and climbing in and out of the trucks. Here are as many kids as we could get posing for a picture at once.

Here is Evan the Jr. Firefighter at work.

And here is Evan and his friends ready for cake. Mommy made a fire truck cake, a fire station cake and flames for cupcakes.

And here is a slideshow of many more pictures from the party.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

5/13/09: Disney World Vacation - Characters

We had such a wonderful time on our vacation to Disney World. The kids enjoyed the rides, parades, fireworks and especially meeting all of the characters. We got to meet a lot thanks to our character dining at the Castle with the Princesses, Crystal Palace with Winnie the Pooh and his friends, Donald's Safari Breakfast, Chef Mickey's Dinner, and Norway's Princess Dinner. We also have a Disney Visa which entitled us to a special meet and greet with characters in Epcot. That was a highlight of our trip since you had as much time as you wanted with the characters. The first time we saw Goofy and Minnie and the second time had Mickey and Minnie. The kids had fun dancing with them, hugging them, and Evan even had his shoes untied by Goofy which cracked him up. Here are some pictures in a slideshow of just the kids with the characters. I took over 1200 pictures plus the ones that Disney took (another 200) so here is a sampling.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

5/8/09: Evan's Soccer Pictures

Here are Evan's Soccer formal pictures. They came out really cute.
And his team the Green Goblins with Daddy as the Coach.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

5/9/09: Happy Mommy's Day a day early

We went out to dinner the day before Mommy's Day to celebrate. We had a family birthday party to go to on Mommy's Day. Here we are all ready to go.

The frames that Nana and Papa helped Lauren and Evan make at Michael's.

The kiddos looking cute. Here they are in front of the planter that Evan painted last year at daycare and it has a new plant in it from this year that Lauren picked out with Neicy at the store.
Lauren deep in concentration making a card for Mommy at Michael's with Nana and Papa.
Evan making his card for Mommy.

5/9/09: Lauren's Photo Shoot Looking Adorable

We went out with the kids a bit early for Mom's Day and here is Lauren looking beautiful in her new dress.
So Adorable!
Yippee for me.
Close up

Thursday, May 7, 2009

5/7/09: Dora the Explorer Live!

Today Lauren and I went to Dora the Explore Live! Search for the City of Lost Toys. Lauren loved seeing Dora, Boots, Map, Swiper and all the characters and dancing at the end. What a great show. Our friend Sophie and her Daddy came with us. Then we met Daddy after for lunch. What a fun day!

All ready for the show. No pictures were allowed in the theatre so Mommy could only take these in the lobby.