Monday, September 29, 2008

9/28/08: Molly's Princess Birthday Party

It was Molly's 4th Birthday and the kids had a great time. You may remember Molly from earlier posts as Evan's Fiance. Here is pinata time.

Lauren joining in the festivities in her Princess dress and shoes. She does enjoy her Princess parties. She even had a Princess Party for her 1st Birthday.

Cake time!

And some fun with the parachute. Evan and Lauren remembered the parachute from their Gymboree days.

What a fun time.

Friday, September 26, 2008

9/26/08: A rainy day means craft time!

It is very rainy out today so we decided to stay in. A day inside means a great time to do a craft! As you remember, I love to do crafts wit the kids. In fact you may remember Evan is doing a Scrapbook at school of family history. I got very excited when he asked me to buy him a small one to do at home with me. Yippee!!!! Another scrapbooker in the family. We did two sets of frames. A set of Halloween ones first to get us in the Halloween spirit. And then Evan and Lauren each made these. The kids love doing crafts.

Monday, September 22, 2008

9/21/08: No reason, just cute pics

Ok, I didn't really have a reason, but I thought these pictures were cute. Here is Evan and Lauren in overalls. They just look so adorable. Of course for those who know me well you know I take tons of pictures. This is proven by my Shutterfly Share site.

Evan hugging his sister.

And more Soccer pictures. I just think Evan looks so adorable in this little uniform I take so many pictures. Here he is with Austin (or daycare provider Neicy's son). He has been playing Soccer since he was 3 and is now on the Varsity team as a Sophmore in High School. He helped us out at practice since John is now the head coach of the Green Goblins (our new Team name).

Here is Coach Daddy running drills with the kids. Here he is with his 5 out of his 7 Team (left to right): Sriganesh, Nicholas, Evan, Nolan, and Caeden.

Evan scored 2 Goals in the 3 on 3 Games (unfortunately they were on the wrong Goal, but despite that, great effort!) He loved playing and didn't want to sit out.

And here is Lauren learning some pointers.

Friday, September 19, 2008

9/19/08: Friday morning Music Time

Every other Friday we go to Music time with Peter Sheridan at the Reading library. It is a lot of fun for the kids. They have a huge turn out for it every time. I don't capture it too well here but Evan and Lauren were holding hands and dancing together. It was super cute! Usually we go with our friend Jack and his Mom, but today Jack was sick. We all hope he feels better soon.
Here is Lauren smiling it up. She loves her accessories. Here she is wearing the necklace she got at the Yankee Doodle Parade.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

9/13/08: Yankee Doodle Homecoming Festivities

It was Billerica's Yankee Doodle Homecoming this weekend. The kids had a great time at the parade and later in the day we went to Fireworks.
Lauren got some beads at the parade from one of the Cheerleaders in the parade.
Evan grabbing some candy. Many floats threw candy to the kids.
At the fireworks. The kids had fun running around to the music before the fireworks started.
Lauren looking stylish.
Enjoying the fantastic fireworks.
Evan having fun.
Lauren enthralled with the fireworks. The loud booms didn't phase her at all.
What a great time, can't wait for next year!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

9/10/08: Gym and Swim at the Y

Today was Lauren and Evan's 1st day of class for the Fall at the YMCA in Reading. Lauren is taking a Gym and Swim class. 1/2 hour in the gym and 1/2 hour in the pool. She loved it. Evan had his first swim class on his own without Daddy and loved it too.
More gym time.
Having fun.
Swim class with Mommy is all done. That was lots of fun! She loved splashing her hands in the water and kicking her legs.
And Evan was a big kid and went in the pool for class by himself! He did great. The teacher said he followed all the directions. Mommy and Lauren could see him from the other side of the pool as they were in class. He was kicking away, jumping in the pool and swimming like a fishy.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

9/7/08: Evan's 1st day of Soccer

Today was Evan's 1st day of Soccer. He had a great time! They did some fun drills today passing the ball back and forth to others, playing Red Light/Green Light, taking all the balls and getting them into the net, running backwards and then running with the ball, learning to walk like a duck to move the ball and then a short game.
Here he is with his Team's Assistant Coach (and Daddy) after practice. (John was just recently promoted to Coach from Assistant).
He learned to walk like a Duck to move the ball.
He picked #2 for his shirt. He is on Team #40.
Water break, it was a warm one.
Here are the kids learning to play Red Light Green Light with the ball and how to stop it when the Coach says Red light.
Having fun!

Here is a video of him trying to kick the ball to one of the coaches.

9/7/08: Burlington Truck Day

We had a great time at the Burlington Common at Truck Day. This is our 3rd year going and we have a great time each year.
Evan got a Truck Day shirt.
Kids having fun.
Wow that is a big truck!
We saw a ton of friends there. Here is Lauren, Evan and Bella (their Mommy's have been friends forever).
And here is Evan and Tanya. We also saw a bunch of other friends there from playgroup and Gymboree.
Lauren checking herself out in the Truck.
Evan having fun.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

9/4/08: Evan's 1st day of school at the Learning Garden

Evan's 1st day of school at the Learning Garden in Mrs. Smulligan's class. He was so excited to go he could barely sleep last night and when he woke up he said are we going to school? So cute! He did great over there and got his K stamped on his hand (K is the letter of the day). Here are some pictures. My little boy is growing up. Sniff, sniff. Amazingly I did shed a tear after drop off, it is a new stage of his life that I need to adjust to.

We went out to lunch after school which was a tradition for me and my Mom when I was growing up. We went to Friendly's and Evan got a big ice cream after. Hopefully he doesn't expect it after every class. There were lots of his classmates there too.

He did have a great time at school and enjoyed his lunch out.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

9/2/08: Evan's Pre-School Orientation

Today was Evan's Pre-School orientation at the Learning Garden. Here he is all ready to go with his backpack.
Showing off his Mickey Mouse backpack.
Ok, had to post this too. This is me on my first day of Kindergarten in front of my school Fox Hill. Notice the Mickey bag! Too cute that we matched. I am 4 years and 8 months old.
Here we are in front of his school. And here is his welcome to the school. These are the kids in his class. And just like Mommy remembers of course you have to get homework on the first day of school. The theme for the year is history. Evan has to bring in 5 pictures to make a scrapbook of his family history. This homework is right up Mommy's alley. At least it isn't quantum mechanics...that comes later on. We were also told there will be two field trips during the year (one to a farm and one to a museum), parent/teacher conferences twice a year, seasonal parties, celebration of their birthday, and a show and tell box that will come home with them which we need to put something in for them to describe to the class. They even have a Family picnic. Wow I am having flash backs to school!
Here he is with his buddy Molly at school. They have known each other since Evan was 5 months old. They aren't in the same class but hung out together for a bit.
And me with my best friend and neighbor at the time Robin on the 1st day of school. We are still best buds today! Friends since we were 3.