Friday, June 27, 2008

6/27/08: Big Wheels Event at the Wilmington Library

Trucks, Trucks, Trucks! Evan and Lauren had a great time seeing trucks, and Police Cars today at the Wilmington Library. We got to see lots of our Gymboree friends too!

Inside the Police Car

Get me out of here!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

6/21/08: Graduation Party Weekend

We had two Graduation Parties this weekend. One for our daycare Lady's daughter (an awesome Island themed party) and one for John's 2nd cousin. We had lots of fun. Here is a picture of Lauren with Stephanie at her party. I know all the kids will be missing her next year (see all the kids below).

Friday, June 20, 2008

6/20/08: Evan's 1st Dentist Appt

Evan had his first Dentist Appt. today. He did great and the Dentist was able to clean his teeth with no problem. We did learn that we will probably be visiting an orthodontist by the age of 7 due to his teeth being very close together! Can you believe how early they start with braces???
Here is Evan after his appointment showing off his newly cleaned pearly whites.

6/19/08: Mom's Night Out!

Ok, so I always post about the kids, and this is sort of about them, but not really...last night the neighborhood Mom's I get together with on Wednesday nights for play group all got together and had a little baby shower for one of the ladies who is close to delivery. We had a great time, learned a lot about each other and had a lot of laughs. It was nice to be able to talk and not have to run away mid-sentence to one of the kids. We have been getting together since last September and have had Parties for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc for the kids.

6/19/08: Congrats Celtics!

Lucky Daddy works in Boston and can go to the Rolling Rallies.

6/15/08: Happy Daddy's Day

We had a nice Father's Day. We went to John's parents for breakfast and then Gilda made meatballs and pasta for dinner and had her parents over. Daddy got a nice framed picture of Mommy, Evan and Lauren, and a cool travel mug with Evan and Lauren's Picture on it.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

6/14/08: Busy Saturday!

Wow what a busy Saturday we had. It started with Lauren at Gymboree, then Evan at swim, then to Jia's 3rd Birthday Party at the Kid's Playground indoor playspace. The kids had a great time and even got to do a Dora backpack craft. I have also added more Pictures to our Shutterfly Album for June.

Then we went to our friend Ken's for Fireworks for Flag Day! Evan enjoyed the fireworks and thanked Ken for coloring the fireworks for him. Lauren was not as impressed and fell asleep during them.
Here are Tanya and Evan hanging out (sorry other ladies, this guy has many girlfriends).

6/13/08: All Aboard...Thomas!

We had a great time at Edaville Railroad for "Day out with Thomas". Evan and Lauren both enjoyed the rides and seeing Thomas and Sir Topham Hat. What a great day, and perfect weather. We even got to meet up with Mommy's friend from work and his two boys (Josh and Bob), and Evan's friend Jack.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

7/8/08: Lions, Giraffes and Zebras Oh My!

We went to the Franlin Park Zoo and had lots of fun seeing all the animals. Despite the fact it was 95 degrees, it wasn't too bad being outside. Luckily it was shady in most of the Zoo and there were a lot of exhibits inside.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

6/7/08: Is that swimming or dancing?

We went to the Wading Pool and the kids had a great time. Lauren kept kicking her leg, it was really cute. Not sure if she was trying to swim or dance.
We also spent some time at the park after, then went home and Mommy cooked on the grille. Too bad we had a severe downpour and Mommy got soaked!

6/7/08: Evan's Swim Class

Mommy and Lauren got to go in today and watch Evan in swim class. He did great and had his legs kicking the whole time. They even did a water safety drill in a little canoe and wore life vests.