Saturday, June 26, 2010

6/26/10: Davis Farmland Fun

We always have a ton of fun at Davis Farmland and today was no exception. Here we were last year. We had wonderful weather and bumped in to some friends there. What a great day. There is so much to do there between the animals and the sprinkler park and today was Carnival day so there was even more. Here are the kids with Moo Moo.

And we get to see how much they grow each year.

The kids with their buddy Tanya (who we bumped in to there) at the park there.

Feeding time.

The kids love feeding the animals.

A new bubble area. Evan loved it.
Lauren cooling off.
A litte Cow love from John.
Pony rides are always fun!
Lauren loves pony rides.

6/25/10: Day Out With Thomas '10

As always we had a great time at Day Out With Thomas at Edaville Railroad. Here we were last time. There is so much to do between the rides, train ride, and activities that we always have a lot of fun. Plus Evan loves Thomas and Trains so this is a highlight of his year. Here we are with Thomas.
Here are the kids with Thomas.
And on the Train.
With Sir Topham Hat.
Lauren looking cute.
Evan having fun posing.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

6/19/2010: Green Goblins last game of the season

What another great season the Green Goblins had. Evan really did awesome this season and was really going after the ball and scored several goals. Here we were last year in our last game. And here he was on his first day of Soccer ever. Here is our team with John as the Coach and Mike as the Assistant Coach. Great season guys!
Here are the kids in their last game. Evan is #2.
Evan during drills on the last practice.
Going after the ball in the last game.
Evan getting his trophy.
All the Goblins with their trophies.
Go Green Goblins!
Evan with Coach Daddy.

Friday, June 18, 2010

6/18/10: Wading Pool Fun

Today we had a busy but fun day! We started out with Lauren's swim class, then went to the Wading Pool, then the Park, then lunch, then Evan's swim class, and then to Kimball Farms for ice cream. I LOVE SUMMER! Here is Evan in the wading pool.
And Lauren.
Fun at the park. Evan did this all by himself.
Lauren acting like a Monkey full with her Monkey sounds "who, who, ha, ha".

Thursday, June 17, 2010

6/17/10: Aquarium Fun

Today we had a a fun time at the New England Aquarium. Here we are outside checking out the boats. Even though Evan just went for his school field trip we went again since Lauren didn't get to go.
The kids loved the Penguins.
Hanging out. Outside.
Watching the Harbor Seals show.
Lauren looking pretty.
Evan hanging out with the beautiful view.
They really enjoyed checking out the sea life and asking questions.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

6/13/10: Evan is a Pre-School Graduate!

It is hard to believe it was two years ago that Evan started Pre-school and yesterday he was a graduate! What a great job Evan we are so proud of you. It was a wonderful presentation. All the kids sang and then they played a Video of pictures of all the kids set to music. It was wonderful. Here was his first day. And here are all School posts. There is a slideshow below with more pictures.
The Speckled Frogs singing.
Close up.
Here is some video of the Speckled Frogs:

Evan getting his Diploma!
The happy family with their graduate.

Evan and his teacher.

And the Green Goblins Graduates. These girls are on Evan's soccer team.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

6/13/10: Lauren's Dance Recital

We couldn't take pictures in the theatre, however here are some I took before and after. Here is my little model in her photo shoot. I did her hair and all the curls (twice - an hour to do it for Dress Rehearsal and an hour to do it for the Recital).
So cute!
Being silly.
With a proud Mommy in the dressing room before going on stage. Mommy was back stage for many years when she danced at the same school Lauren dances at now.
With her rose that she got. Every dancer got a rose as they entered the building.
Here are the flowers Evan picked out for Lauren. He was so proud of his little sister.
Lauren with her flowers.