Friday, October 12, 2012

10/12/12: Gelish Gel Chip Free Manicure New Colors and Magneto

I posted last year on this but I had to post an update as my Gelish Gel Polish post has gotten so many hits.  In fact it is one of my most popular posts.  I can't say enough about Gelish Gel Manicures.  It lasts!  When I say this I truly mean it as I have been getting it done for over a year and know it is not a fluke that it worked one time.  It does not chip.  In fact I will have people ask me if I just had my nails done 2 weeks after I actually have them done.  Plus since my last post they have added a ton of new colors.  118 colors in total!  Plus if you put one color as the first coat and another as the top coat you can create even more.
I have tried this one.  I love glitter and this blue was super cool.  I did this one for the Fourth of July.
Here it is.
I also got the bright yellow for our trip to the beach.
Plus my manicurist loves to do fun things.  Check out my Halloween Nails right now.  The black lines are hand painted, no stencils.  My manicurist is so talented.
 I love Ghostbusters so I went with the Slime Green on one nail with glitter.  Love it!
Here was Easter.
The scoop on what they do is the nail polish is applied as any other nail polish is applied with a base and top coat, however you put your nails under a UV lamp in between each coat to cure.  More information on the Hand & Nail Harmony website. 
Here are some other examples.  A French Manicure.
Light pink with glitter.
Silver with glitter.
Pink with glitter.
And red.
Plus now they have Magneto.  This is done with a small magnet to form rings.
They have a variety of colors.
 Look at how cool this is.
The other great thing is when they are done your nails are totally dry!!!!  No attempting to get money out of your purse or wallet with two fingers worrying that you will smudge or chip your polish.  Being a busy Mom of two this was awesome to me!!!
When I go back to have it redone she will file the top coat to take off the shiny part, wrap my nails in a cotton ball with gel polish remover and foil and then have me put them under a warm blanket.  Then she able to remove the nail polish.  (She did explain you can remove it yourself also, just don't peal it off!)  It does not wreck your nails at all.
Note that there was no exchange of products for this post, this is just me telling you about a wonderful product that I have come to love!

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