Monday, March 31, 2014

3/31/14: Lauren's State Baton Twirling Competition

Over the weekend we attended the MA State Championships in Belchertown, MA.  Lauren competed with her team and individually.  She did awesome the whole day and I am so proud of her performance.  She won Miss MA Classic for her modeling and looked absolutely beautiful and poised while doing it.
I will start with the team as that is how our day began.
The girls did a routine to Surf's Up from Teen Beach movie complete with surf boards, beach balls, baton, hoop baton, and streamer batons.
Lauren is ready to go.  I think I was more nervous than her!
They competed in MA State and Open for two different routines.  Surf's Up was a Halftime show, and Disney Parade was a dance/baton routine.  Here they are competing with Disney Parade which was the one that came up first.
Then they moved in to the Main Gym for Surf's Up for the State Competition.
They did not drop at all!!!!
They did their routine the best they have ever done.  They came in 2nd but to be fair their competition was age 10-12 so for them all being 6-7 they did awesome!
We were all nervous but they handled all of their props like pros.
Here they are with their hoop batons.
Now Streamer Batons.
Ending pose.  So adorable!
Here is some video of their routine.
Then they competed with Disney Parade for State in the Main Gym.
Again they did fabulous.
They are just so adorable in these costumes.
I love when they march in a circle.
Another great job!
Here is video of the Disney Parade routine.
Then they went to the other gym to compete in Open with Surf's Up.
They did so well remembering and making the switch from one routine to another with a quick turnaround as they were on 31, 33, and 37!
Throwing their hoop batons to each other.
Another fabulous job!
Here they are happy to be done!
Here they are with their Coach Miss Kristina.
Then it was time for solo events.  First Lauren competed in Modeling.  Here she is holding a baton teddy bear I used to bring to competitions for good luck.
Posing under the sign.
Here she is ready to compete for MA Queen.
Getting big smiles from the judge.
She was smiles all day and had so much fun which is the best part of the experience for me!
Doing one of her poses during modeling.
With Queen they need to interview with the judge.  Here she is talking to one of the judges.
Marjorie Gilbert was another judge she had and I had her as a judge when I twirled too.
Now it was time for Best Appearing.  Best Appearing is the same as Queen just without the interview.  You walk in a T formation with a half circle at the top of the T.
Making sure to keep eye contact with the judges.
Posing pretty.
She had perfect foot placement.
On the way back to the start of the T.
She won both MA State and Open Best Appearing.
I curled her hair for modeling.  She has such beautiful long hair.
Here is some video of all 4 of her modeling routines.
Then they announced the Queen winners and she won the Miss MA Classic.
Here she is getting her sash.
This time we also tried basic.  You march in a square for the judges with high knees and swinging your arms high.
She did awesome!  She won Open basic and came in 3rd in State.
She was nervous about keeping time with the music but she did great!
Here is a video of basic.
What an awesome day!  Awesome job to Lauren and her team!  Best of all, they had FUN!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

3/29/14: Win the Fun Pass NE

You read recently about me being quoted in the Boston Globe Sunday paper on how to entertain kids on a budget this summer, now I am giving you a chance to win a discount book to help you this summer!  I personally love the Fun Pass from Breathe New Hampshire.  We use it every year to go to places during summer and spring vacations.  We love to go to lots of fun places but it can get quite expensive to take a family of 4 to all of these attractions.  But for $32 you can get the Fun Pass from Breathe New Hampshire and get discounts to many places you already go.  This includes discounts worth over $1,500 at over 100 New England family attractions!  Plus when you purchase one you are contributing to the great work that Breathe NH does.  
Read on and you can win one! 
Below are some of our favorites that are included.  Note this is not all the attractions included, for a full list of attractions throughout NH, ME, and MA check out their website list here or the catalog here.  One cool one on the list is Boston Duck Tours which is a favorite of ours.
Amusement Parks:
Story Land in Glen NH:  This is a prefect Amusement Park for little ones to enjoy!  We have gone 7 years in a row.  If you only went here it would cover the price of the book!
Canobie Lake Park:  Another Amusement park that has expanded quite a bit since I was a kid.  I love it here and we go every year.
York's Wild Kingdom in Maine:  A combo Zoo and Amusement Park, plus a lovely Beach within walking distance!
Conway Scenic Railroad: We love going on this train ride every year.
Davis Farmland:  We LOVE this place!  Tons of animals and water play, what is not to like?
Franklin Park Zoo:  A great Zoo.  Zoo Keeper was filmed there.
Southwick's Zoo:  Another one of our favorite Zoos to go to. 
The Butterfly Place: We recently went there and the kids loved it.
Again this is just a sampling of area attractions listed.  For just $30 you will receive incredible discounts at amusement parks, ski mountains, zoos, museums, and more.  (Note that ski mountain discounts are already expired for this book however I will be promoting the 2014 book).  You can go here to purchase one for 2013 or call their office at (800) 835-8647.
In most cases, the discount coupon offers a child, 12 and under, a free or discounted admission when accompanied by a paying adult. Offers vary by attraction.
When you purchase a Fun Pass you are also contributing to the critical work of Breathe New Hampshire.
Disclosure: I received the FunPass books for review and Breath NH is also providing these books for the prizing as well.

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