Saturday, October 31, 2009

10/31/09: Trick or Treating

Well after all the fun events we did leading up to Halloween we reached the culmination with Trick or Treating. What a fun time!
We went with our friend Molly and Bella. Trick or Treat
The cool moon. What wonderful weather.
Trick or Treat.
Wow what a lot of loot we got.
With Neicy.

10/30/09: YMCA Halloween Party

We had a fun time as always at the YMCA Halloween Party. The kids made crafts, played games, listened to music and watched a Magician.

Here is Lauren playing a game.
And Evan searching for candy in the hay.

10/29/09: Daycare Halloween Party

Here are the kids ready to go for a walk around the neighborhood during their daycare Halloween party. They had so much fun. They did crafts, ate pizza and snacks.
And here are Evan, Molly and Lauren.
These are the cutest little foot print crafts they did. Love them!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

10/29/09: Drumlin Farm Tales of the Night

We went to Drumlin Farm for the Tales of the Night Spooktacular after Gymnastics. What a fun time. There was a hayride, pumpkins, face painting, animals, storybook characters, and lots of scares. Here we are after wandering down the path of storybook characters.
The kids seeing Mother Goose.
And on the hayride. Lauren seemed fine, but Evan did not appreciate the ghosts/witches/spiders coming up behind him scaring him. He was a brave boy though. He will be talking about it for a long time I think.
Getting some treats.
The cool Jack-o-Lanterns.
Checking out more pumpkins.
Evan getting his hand painted with a pumpkin.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

10/28/09: Evan's School Halloween Party

Mommy was lucky enough to go in again for Evan's School Halloween Party. There were games, crafts and lots of fun. The kids were so great and had such a fun time.

Evan got to do weather girl.

Can't wait to go next year with Lauren!

10/27/09: Halloween Storytime, Puppets and Parade at the Library

As I posted about loving your library, here we are again at a library event for Halloween. The kids had such a great time. There was storytelling, puppets and a parade in costume through the library. What fun! Here they are with Claire.
Here they are intently listening to the story.
And standing up to do some dancing.
And now during the parade through the libary.
And giving hugs to the bear dressed up as a ghost.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

10/25/09: Evan and Lauren's Monster Mash Party

We had another successful Monster Mash party this year. We did two crafts, decorated cookies and ate lots of treats. What a fun party.
Evan and some of his buddies from school.
The Graveyard cake.
Craft time. We made bracelets and bookmarks.
Decorating cookies.
More treats.
Nana, Mommy and Lauren. Fun with crafts.
Evan and Bella.
The adults playing Rock Band.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

10/21/09: Love Your Local Library

It is amazing how much we go to the library. There is always something going on. We are fortunate in the fact that there are 8 libraries all within 20 minutes of us that we can go to. There are Storytimes, Truck Days, Crafts, Music Time, Movies, Puppet Shows, Animal Shows, Parties, discount passes to Museums and Zoos, the list goes on and on. To check out other events we have gone to at the library go here.
One day at work some people were talking about the library and how no one must go there due to computers. I laughed to myself and thought obviously you don't have kids, because once you have kids you will be at the library all the time.
Here are the kids after creating these cute bat hats and Frankenstein door hangers (Lauren called her's Paul). We went and did this last year too.
If you haven't already check out all your local libraries have going on and donate some money to them or join any Friends of the Library type groups they have. Why not give a little back?
Outside the library.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

10/17/09: Boo at the Zoo and Karate

We went to Boo at the Zoo again this year at the Stone Zoo. The kids had a great time.
Here they are Trick or Treating.
And making bat puppet crafts.
Watching the Jaquar eating his mice snacks. Evan took his Dinosaur head off in fear that he was scaring away the animals.
The Jaquar just figured out there are snacks in the pumpkin.
On the train ride.
Checking out the bears.
Evan and the bear.
It was a very busy day. It started with Lauren at Dance, then Evan at Soccer, then Boo at the Zoo and on to Haley's birthday party at Personal Best Karate. Here are the kids helping her blow out the candles. Here they are last year at Haley's party.
And Evan breaking a board. He was so proud that he broke it, he even got to take it home.

Friday, October 16, 2009

10/16/09: Haunted Happenings at the Billerica Library

We attended the Haunted Happenings party again at the Billerica Library. Cinderella and the dinosaur had a lot of fun with their friends. There was games, face painting, pumpkins, crafts and a DJ spinning tunes to dance to. Here they are all ready to go to the party.
Lauren and our friend Bella (aka Captain Hook).
Evan and Lauren saying hi to their playgroup friends Michelle (the princess) and Ally (Elmo).
Game time. The kids loved the games.
Lauren dancing with Daddy. She loves to dance!
Mommy dancing with Lauren and Evan.
More games. What a fun time!