Saturday, May 30, 2015

5/30/15: Davis Farmland Giveaway

School will be out soon and summer fun is just beginning.  One of our favorite places to visit is Davis Farmland in Sterling, MA.  We always have fun feeding the animals and enjoying the water park.  I am giving you a chance to win 4 tickets to go with your family!

There is so much fun stuff to do there.  We always start with feeding the animals.  Many of the animals are just roaming around and you can feed them.
The kids love this.  There are cups you buy with food coming in and the kids get to feed the animals.

Feed cups are usually around $2.  Some animals are in pens with a colored rope along the top telling you how friendly the animals are.  Here you can see some with a green rope.

Some of the yellow animals.

There is also a little area that you can sit and hold some of the baby animals.
You can also brush the animals in this area.
Plus they have scheduled times for different activities.  Here the kids got to milk a goat.
There are also pony rides which the kids love.
There are little cars that Evan loves to drive and a playground area.
Recently they had an expansion with the new Imagine-Acres.  This Moo Town, USA allows children to be a store keeper, chef, veterinarian, or farm hand.  There is also a hayride.
The water park is tons of fun to play at.
Both kids love this area.
Giggling away.
They especially like this bubble area.

It is like a car wash for kids.
 It  is great that it gives you a whole day of entertainment with so many things to do. 
Enter below to win 4 tickets to Davis Farmland.
Disclosure:  I received tickets for my family and for giveaway to Davis Farmland in exchange for review.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

5/28/15: Canobie Lake Park Family Fun

The whole family loves going to Canobie Lake Park in Salem, NH.  I have fond memories of going there with my family and friends when I was a kid and now we go annually with my childhood neighbor and best friend and her family.  Between the fun rides, water park and games it is a full day of fun.
We always make sure to get discounted tickets.  If you join the Canobie Club you will get updates on when discounted tickets are on sale and any promotions going on.  We head to the rides first.
 Wipeout is a big hit with the kids.  They went on it four times!
The swings are tons of fun too.
 I got Lauren to go on the Pirate Ship with me.  She loved it.  She even went again with all the kids.
Untamed is housed in Big Bear Plaza.  This is an awesome roller coaster that I went on with my friend's daughter.  She loved it so much she went on it three times. 
The roller coaster starts going straight up.

Then there are lots of loops.
TIP:  We did learn that around the corner from where the regular line is there is a single rider line.  This will get you on this ride much quicker.
The kids were having a great day.
They also have a Canobie Lake Park App you can download and use while you are in the park!  
Another favorite is the Boston Tea Party.  This is a ride to cool off on a hot day.
Even standing in front of it you get a nice spray of water.  Here John and the kids are getting soaked.  It is perfect to go there first and then head to the water park.
Now it was a perfect time to head to Castaway Island and get more wet.
In this area children are required to wear proper water attire so make sure to bring a bag with bathing suits and towels.
 The kids relaxing.
 Time for the slides!
 Since they were already wet we then headed to the flume log ride.
It is so pretty there and they even have a boat that runs every half hour.  

Lovely view!
It is such a fun place to spend a day.  They have Fireworks on select nights.  Just check their website.  
What a great day!
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Twitter: @CanobieLakePark
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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

5/22/15: TouchTomorrow at WPI STEM Event

Both my husband and I graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) and I am beyond excited to share a wonderful event they will be holding on their campus for families.  On June 13th will be holding the Fourth Annual TouchTomorrow.  This event is a festival of science, technology, and robots!  Plus this event is FREE!
This hands-on family event will have lots of interactive activities from WPI, WGBH and NASA!  There will even be an astronaut there.  Steven Swanson will be there.  You can even take a picture in an astronaut suit.  I will be making sure I do this.  I worked at NASA when I was in college at WPI as an Aerospace Engineering student.  I even met Sally Ride when I worked there.
I am a FIRST Robotics judge so I love anything with robots.  My son and daughter have come to some of the FIRST Competitions and also love playing with robots.  In fact my son took a LEGO Robotics after school class and loved it.
WGBH will create a multimedia experience for the festival, which will feature exhibits for students and STEM enthusiasts of all ages, as well as personal appearances by popular WGBH characters. 
There are so many cool activities that families will be able to participate in that day including:
Help operate a rover at the Be-A-Bot 2.0 exhibit.
Take a photo in a NASA spacesuit.
Play on a model of the lunar floor.
Take a turn with the extravehicular activity (EVA) glove box used by astronauts.
Get “rolled over” by the Roll-Over-Rover.
Learn about spacesuit design through vacuum chamber experiments.
Learn about WPI research on human-robot interaction, surgical robots, inter-vehicular networking, unmanned aerial vehicles, biomechanics, intelligent tutors, and other cutting-edge fields.
See WPI student project work in robotics, renewable energy, assistive technology, game design, architectural engineering, and other areas.
“Kinect” with a NASA virtual robot.
Command the NASA Marcbot.
See a model of the Mars Rover “Curiosity” 
The TouchTomorrow festival is on Saturday, June 13, 2015, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. on the WPI Campus, 100 Institute Road, Worcester, Mass. 
For more information on TouchTomorrow events and activities, including schedules and maps and the Sample Return Robot Challenge, visit
Disclosure:  I was provided compensation for this post.  As always all opinions are my own.