Thursday, August 30, 2012

8/30/12: Fun Seeing Santa at His Summer Home of Santa's Village

We love going to Santa's Village in Jefferson, NH.  It is so quaint and beautiful there.  Of course the kids think it is great to get their wish list in with Santa early.
Love the Big Snowman.  There are so many cute places to take pictures.
 This sled is super cute as you enter the park.
 Lauren loves the Reindeer carousel.
 Plus you get to shoot water at the fire in little fire trucks.
 Evan and Lauren gingerbread boy and girl.
 One of the kids favorite things is the Elfabet game.  You search for elves all around the park and punch your card.
 One of my favorite things to do there is seeing the reindeers.
 Here Lauren is feeding one a cookie.
 Love the reindeers, they are so cute.
 The kids were excited that they were both on the "Nice" list.  Too bad my name Gilda wasn't on there!
Check out this huge bunny.
 Another ride the kids loved was this bouncy ride.
 They made some improvements and created a Main Street area where Elf University is.  This is a new building and right at the entrance to the park making it easier to get your Elfabet game cards as you walk in.
 Here are the kids posing with their Elfabet University Diplomas.  What a great day!
Disclosure:  I did not receive any tickets or compensation in exchange for this post.  I am just posting about this amusement park as my family loves it.

8/30/12: Jackson Falls, New Hampshire

Every year when we are in the White Mountains we go to Jackson Falls.  It is right near the Christmas Farm Inn where we stay.
Isn't it beautiful? 
 So pretty.
 The kids now facing the other way.
 Love it.
 I could spend hours just sitting there looking at the water and relaxing.
 So cool.
 Wow look at the kids rock climbing!
 Not really, but it is a cool illusion.  They are laying on the rocks.
 Can't wait to go back.
And here are the kids at our Inn.
 See you next year Christmas Farm Inn and Jackson Falls.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

8/29/12: Story Land in Glen, NH

Story Land in Glen, NH is a fantastic amusement park to take young kids.  I have been taking my kids there since my son was one and it is so fun to see them ride new rides each year as they grow, but still enjoy some of the rides they enjoyed when they were smaller.
 Of course Humpty Dumpty is the most photographed egg around.  We have to take this picture every year.
 The other picture that you must take is in the Pumpkin Coach.  I love it.
 But of course why you go to Story Land is to go on the rides.  This Tractor ride is one that my kids have enjoyed since they are young.  The tractors go on their own but the kids can feel like they are steering and also press buttons to hear different animals make noise.  This is still one of my son's favorite rides as he has driven these tractors since he was one.
 As for new rides that the kids have tried, this year they went on the Bamboo Chutes.  This was the first time they ever went on this flume ride.  Lauren really liked it, Evan wasn't a fan however he must have not disliked it too much as he went on it twice.  You can go in to the park at 3 pm and then go back another day.  So he rode on each of the days we were there.
 They also enjoy the Pirate area.  They first took a ride on the Pirate boat and got to row then they sprayed water at the boat.
Watch out for Pirates!
 These two are wanted.
 Here is the play area.
The carousel is unique in the fact that there are only two like it in the world.  One at Story Land and one in Munich, Germany.  The carousel goes counter clock-wise and instead of the horses going up and down they rock back and forth.
 You can also see a lot of characters.  We went up to the Castle and saw Cinderella.
 We bumped in to this cool scarecrow.  This is the first time we have seen him.
 Duke is a newer character at Story Land.  Twice a day he has a dance party with kids which is adorable.
There are so many beautiful areas at Story Land that I put together this slide show to show some of the park.
There are so many places to take cool pictures.
 Evan watch out for that Spider!
 These pictures are super funny as Evan was sneaking in to pictures that Lauren wanted to take.  He is like "where's Waldo" in these and they gave me a giggle.
 This one is hysterical.  Look at his mischievous face.
 Here they are posing again.
 There are also many shows at Story Land.  We went to the Royal Hanneford Circus.  This dog act is actually in the finals right now on America's Got Talent.  The Circus is great and in it's own tent.  We also went to see a Fairy Tale Fiasco which was super cute with a cast singing songs and interacting with the kids.
Go ahead and check them out sometime! 

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Follow them on Twitter:  @StoryLandNH
Disclosure:  I received a family four pack of tickets in exchange for this review however I love this park and all opinions are my own.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

8/28/12: Seeing the White Mountains by Train on the Conway Scenic Railroad

My son loves trains of any kind and really loves riding on them.  Every time we go to the White Mountains we make sure we take the Conway Scenic Railroad train ride.  This year we took the one hour and 45 minute ride to Bartlett.
 Here is our train coming in.  We did take advantage of our Fun Pass from Breath New Hampshire and saved the train fare of both kids.
 Evan honestly was like a dog with his head out the window.  He had his head hanging out the window for the whole ride.  It was so cute to watch.
 There are such beautiful views on this ride.  It is wonderful sitting in the train car with no windows and just looking out at all the sights.  This picture is my personal favorite.
 So beautiful.
 The whole ride is a photographers dream.  So many picturesque settings.
 Lauren enjoying the ride.
 Evan with his head out still.
 Once you arrive at Bartlett they move the engine to the other side of the train to head back.  Here it is switching tracks to head to the other end of the train cars.
 Evan watching it go by.
 The kids posing for me.
 Seriously don't you want to jump right in.
 I highly recommend taking one of these train rides if you are visiting North Conway.
Disclosure:  I did not receive any compensation in exchange for this post, I did receive the Fun Pass from Breath NH.  All opinions are my own.