Tuesday, July 31, 2012

7/31/12: Racing at NASCAR SpeedPark, Myrtle Beach, SC

Evan loves cars and what kid or adult wouldn't love racing them?  Young or old there is a lot of fun to be had at the NASCAR SpeedPark in Myrtle Beach, SC.
Here is our crew of kids ready to go.  They were beyond excited to race each other and the adults were excited too.
Here is Evan racing in his first race on the Champions which had a height requirement of 48 inches.  On this track he could drive the car. This was his first time driving a car without a guiding track like you get at the amusement parks and he was beyond excited.  You can find all tracks and height requirements here.  You can buy individual tickets for rides or an unlimited all day wristband.  More details on the NASCAR SpeedPark Web page.
Look at that race face.  I drove on this track and also on the Family 500 and must admit that I was screaming like a little girl on the turns.  It was quite a rush to drive around in these.  Thank goodness I don't have video of my race, even my 5 year old daughter riding as a passenger with me was laughing at me.
 Here is some video of Evan racing.
Here is Lauren on the Qualifier.  This has a height requirement of 40 inches so this was perfect for her.
Lauren had so much fun racing on this track. 
So cute.
Love it.
All the kids with their race faces on.
They also have Kiddie rides.  Lauren enjoyed this one.
This is an awesome carousel.  Lauren loves carousels.  Note this was not on their website Park Map.  There are a few other kids ride that I noticed that were not on the map. 
Then Lauren and Evan decided to race on the Qualifier.
Here is Evan and Lauren racing.
Lauren on the pink motorcycle.
The kids loved this bounce ride.  The ride operator was awesome and was playing a trivia game with the kids about Nickelodeon shows and other cartoons.  The kids loved it and I think Lauren rode this ride at least 8 times.
The park is really nice and kept up extremely well.
Love the cars.
They also have mini golf.  You can play as many rounds as you want and there are two courses.
Also inside there is an arcade, gift shop, and snack shop with some food.
NASCAR SpeedPark has several locations, find them here:
Like them on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/NSPMyrtleBeach
Follow them on Twitter here: @NASCARSpMB
Disclosure:  I was provided with a family pack of tickets to NASCAR SpeedPark to facilitate this review.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

7/30/12: Ripley's Aquarium Myrtle Beach, SC

This is our third time while in Sunset Beach heading over to Broadway at the Beach to enjoy the Ripley's Aquarium, Myrtle Beach, SC.  They are South Carolina's most visited attraction and by seeing their Shark Tank you will know why. 
 The cool thing is you can totally enjoy looking at all of the Sharks in the safety of a tube that lets you travel through on a moving platform while enjoying the views all around you.  This "Dangerous Reef" is a 340 foot glidepath that brings you face to face with very large sharks.  How would you like this guy swimming right over you? 
 Love this guy!  A Saw Nose Shark.
 The kids taking it all in.
Here is some video from the Shark Tunnel.
The kids in the tunnel.
 Evan with his head in a big oyster.  So fun to take funny pictures.
 Lauren almost couldn't reach but finally was able to bring her head up enough for me to see her.
 Love this shot of them looking at all the fish in the tank.
 Lauren was like the fish whisperer with this guy.  She kept putting her face right up to him.
 I love the eels.  These guys are so cool.
 Lauren is so brave.  She loves touching marine life.  Here she is touching a horseshoe crab.  Evan wanted no part of it.
 They always have one special exhibit going on.  This time it was "Dinosaurs When Giants Ruled".
 The exhibit is very hands on for kids.  Here you can see Lauren putting her hand up to this touch control that opens a window to show additional cool things.
 Here is Evan operating an animatronic Tyrannosaurs Rex.
 Lauren posing with one of the Dinos.
 Evan and Lauren posing.
 It really is a beautiful Aquarium with lots to see.  There is also Mermaids you can take a picture with and a new boutique called Fancy Fins Mermaid Boutique that you can have a Mermaid Experience.
 It  includes:
- Hairstyle of your choice
- Shimmering makeup
- A beauty bag containing makeup compact, comb and mirror
- Fashion jewelry
- “I’m a Ripley’s Mermaid” T-shirt
All for $34.99 plus tax.  Little boys can also get the Sailor or Pirate Package.

Like them on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/RipleysAquariumMyrtleBeach
Follow them on Twitter:  @RipleysAquaMB
Disclosure:  I received 4 passes to the Ripley's Aquarium to facilitate this review.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

7/29/12: First Full Day at Sunset Beach, NC With Coppertone to Protect Us

After a long two days of driving from Boston we arrived at Sunset Beach, NC yesterday.  Here are the kids very excited to hit the beach even though it was a little later in the day.  I am lucky enough to be a part of the Coppertone Water Moms so we lathered up the kids with some Coppertone Water Babies 50 SPF and headed to the beach. 
 Today we got to spend our first full day at the beach.  Here is Lauren enjoying the waves on her boogie board (though she calls it her skate board).
 Evan riding the waves too.  He absolutely loves this.  But it does crack me up that he still has his sunglasses on.
 Evan's favorite place is in the sand building some sand castles.
 Lauren having fun.
 Evan is doing a great job building.
 Here is Lauren with her new Coppertone towel.  I also received tons of Sun block samples and coupons to share.  I will say that despite the fair skin Lauren has the 50 did the trick!  Plus the Face Stick is my favorite!  The other product that is awesome is the Wet n' Clear spray.  It is easy to spray on wet kids at the beach and won't drip white.  It actually cuts through the water to adhere to the skin which is perfect at the beach.
Check out Coppertone on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/coppertone
Disclosure:  I am a part of the Coppertone Water Moms.  I was provided with samples of their sunblock, a beach bag, beach towel, and coupons.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

7/28/12: Washington DC Visit on the Way to Sunset Beach

On our way to Sunset Beach, NC we stopped in Washington, DC to see some of the sights.  We did this two years ago on this trip too.  Evan especially wanted to see the White House so that is where we stopped first.
 The view without the bars.
 Now on the back side of the White House.
 Without the bars.
 Hail to Chief Lauren!
 Hail to Chief Evan!  We were able to take these pictures at the White House gift shop.
 Lauren sitting at a likeness of the President's desk.
 Evan too.
 With another back drop.
 Love this view.  The Washington Monument and the Capital building behind them plus the 2nd World War Memorial.
 Another view with the Washington Monument.
 Love the Washington Monument.
 Lincoln Memorial.
 The Capital Building.
 The World War 2 Memorial.  Very pretty.
What a fun time though it was really hot.