Sunday, April 19, 2015

4/19/14: Lauren's Birthday Party at Ellens School of Dance

Lauren's birthday was April 13th but today we had her party with her friends at her dance school, Ellens School of Dance.  Lauren decided to have a Peace Sign theme and it was super cute.
Here is Lauren ready for her friends to arrive.
Here she is posing with the Peace Sign cake I made.
Here are all the kids at the party.
Here is Lauren with all the teachers and assistants that helped out at her party.  She is on the competition team at Ellens School of Dance so she has got to know many of these girls well.
They did an awesome job setting up.  It looked so fantastic!
Love this sign, it matched her outfit so well.
I love all the streamers in the big room.  This is her third party at her dance school and they always do a wonderful job.
 There was even a room set up with dress up for a Fashion Show.
Lauren checking out all of the cool dress up outfits.
Excited as her friends started showing up.
The kids all dancing and having fun.
Doing some line dances.
Limbo time.
A game like musical chairs but with hula hoops.
Nail station.
Lauren showing me her cool nails.
Pizza time.
Cake time!
Big smiles while everyone was singing to her.
Making a wish and blowing out her candles.
Another view of my cake.  It is tie dyed pink, purple and green inside.
 Lauren singing Karaoke to Call Me Maybe.
She did really well singing.
A bit of a conga line.
Making a silly face during picture time.
Cotton Eye Joe.
Leading the girls.
Hula hoop competition time.
They all had so much fun.
Lauren with her friend and little brother and Evan.
Evan and Lauren.
Lauren with Nana and Papa.
Opening presents.  
What a great day, Happy 8th Birthday Lauren!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

4/16/15: LEGO Brick Fest Discount Code

My kids absolutely love playing with LEGOs.  I love seeing them play with them as it uses their imagination and gets them off technology and using their hands and brains.  I wanted to share that LEGO Brick Fest is coming to the Royal Plaza Trade Center, in Marlborough, MA on May 15th to the 17th.
We have gone to LEGOLAND in California and also the LEGO Discovery Center in Boston and it is a struggle to get my kids to leave so I am so excited for this event.

Get inspired, educated, and entertained with LEGO bricks!  Play with huge attractions built to set your imagination free and witness mind-blowing creations made entirely of this timeless toy at Brick Fest Live. 
Save $2 - LEGO Brick Fest Event Code: FAMGUIDE @usfg #brickfest

Here is a preview of the event!  I can't wait to go.
Disclosure:  I received tickets for my family and I to attend LEGO Brick Fest Live.  No other compensation was received in exchange for review.

4/16/15: BODYARMOR Sports Drinks

My kids work hard in their activities and sports or even if they are playing outside with their friends.  I am always searching for great drinks to keep them hydrated.  Recently I was given the opportunity to try out BODYARMOR sports drink and the kids really like the taste of it and I feel good that it is getting electrolytes in to their system without all the sugar of other sports drinks.
BODYARMOR is a premium sports drink with more potassium packed electrolytes, vitamins and coconut water.  It is low in sodium and contains NOTHING ARTIFICIAL – unlike other sports drinks on the market. 
It is a wonderful option for young athletes.
BODYARMOR comes in 7-great tasting flavors: fruit punch, orange mango, strawberry banana, tropical punch, lemon lime, mixed berry and grape.  My daughter went straight for the fruit punch and really enjoyed it.  My kids are used to flavored water drinks and they thought it was similar to those.  My son went for the mixed berry and said that it tasted really good.  That is what I was most worried about, would they like it?  So far so good though, they have tried all but the lemon lime and liked them all.  I think I will be taking the lemon lime to the gym with me.
BODYARMOR is available at the following retailers:  Target, Shaw's, Market Basket, Wegmans, Roche Bros., Alltown, and Tedeschi's.
Try them out, your little athlete will appreciate it.
Here is a link to a downloadable coupon to save $1 and try them out.:
Disclosure:  I received compensation and BODYARMOR drinks for review purposes.  As always all opinions are my own.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

4/4/15: Happy Easter 2015

Happy Easter everyone!
 We went to visit the Easter Bunny today which was super cute.  I love the kids hugging the bunny!
 So adorable!
 So cute telling the Easter Bunny what they want.
 I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!