Thursday, August 28, 2014

8/28/14: My Magical Mermaid from Zuru Toys

My kids love to play with water toys.  We recently received My Magical Mermaid from Zuru toys.  She is a beautiful little mermaid that swims in the water.  These mermaids are a part of the Robo Line that also includes Robo Fish.  Lauren thought she was beuatiful and couldn't wait to play with her.
We received Corissa.  Here she is with her tail rings and she also comes with extra batteries.  The tail weights can be switched out to weigh her down more or less.
She has two styles of swimming.  You can drop her straight down and watch her swim back up with the weighted ring on her, or she can do the backstroke without any weights.
  Lauren giggling away watching her swim.  She really enjoyed playing with her and can't wait to take her in the bath tub with her.  She worked very easily and very well.
 Here she is without the weights swimming on her back.  You can position her arms up or down.  She is activated by being put in to the water and giving her a little shake.  She does have a power save mode that I really like.  After four minutes in the water she will turn to power save and shut herself off.  To reactivate just take her out of the water for 5 seconds and shake off excess water.  Then she is ready to go again.
My Magical Mermaid is available in 4 different colors.  A play set is also available where your very own mermaid can swim around her very own water wonderland complete with coral and pink base with a sand-like finish!  There are color changing LED lights in the water wonderland play set transform the water into an enchanting environment for each mermaid to embark on their underwater adventure.  Here she is as packaged.
Disclosure:  I received My Magical Mermaid for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

8/28/14: Tomodachi Life 3DS Game at Best Buy

My kids love creating virtual worlds in games.  When we received Tomodachi Life from Best Buy for their Nintendo 3DS I knew they would love it.  The kids loved playing with their characters and watching how they reacted to different situations.
I could hear constant giggling as they customized their Miis and had fun interacting.  They also enjoyed taking pictures of them.  The characters are so adorable and have so many options to add to them.  It is fun to see them sing, fall in love and even chase food around.  Every few minutes I would hear Evan calling Lauren or Lauren calling Evan to see what was going on.

The kids even wrote silly songs and watched their Miis perform.
They can wear all different outfits and be as funny as you want.
They can even eat and see their reactions if they like the food or dislike it.  Donuts are a big hit.
Miis can even fall in love and get married.  They can have kids and you can watch them grow.  
They can even escape to Space.  This was one of my son's favorites.
This game is available on the 3DS and 2DS systems.  My kids played on our 3DS but the 2DS also plays the great 3DS and DS games.  You can even take videos and pictures on the 2DS.  The 2DS and 3DS are great gaming systems.  We have had ours for a year and a half and the kids love playing on them.  
Best Buy also has the following offers coming up:
8/29/2014 – 9/1/2014 - Online only Nintendo 2DS system - Save $30 (regularly $129.99 with savings only $99.99!
8/31/2014– Online only ––Save $5 on select 3DS games.
My kids have only reached the tip of the ice berg and I know they will be playing this for a while.

Disclosure:  I was compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card for this review and the Tomodachi Life Game.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

8/27/14: Mabel's Labels for Back to School

Many kids are already back to school, however we start next week.  Losing things is always an issue so why not label them?  I love Mabel's Labels which are a great solution for labeling items for school.  You can label folders, backpacks, bags, supplies, etc.  I love that 4 Moms founded Mabel's Labels to create "durable labels for the stuff kids lose".
I received the Ultimate Back-to-School Combo and it is perfect for all your labeling needs.  I let my daughter design hers and the only issue she had was trying to decide which one as she liked so many of the options.  She opted for cupcakes and pink.
It comes with 40 Skinny-Minis, 50 Tag Mates, 16 Shoe Labels and 2 Teeny tags.  Skinny-Minis are dishwasher and microwave safe and Tag Mates™ are washer and dryer safe, apply to a clothing care tag Shoe Labels and Teeny Tags™ are waterproof and UV resistant Satisfaction guaranteed.  Here are the shoe labels which are perfect for dance shoes, sneakers, soccer cleats, etc.  I personally love these the best.
Her are the Tag Mates.  We put these on folders and pencil boxes.
Here are the Skinny Minis.  These are great for labeling anything.  They are only available until September 30th.  
Here is a boy's version too.
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Disclosure:  I received Mabel's Labels for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

8/27/14: Day Out With Thomas Comes to Edaville USA

Thomas is coming to town!  Day Out With Thomas is coming to Edaville USA in Carver, MA.  Thomas the Tank Engine is coming back to Edaville this year with The Thrill of the Ride Tour and will even speak! 

This fun event offers a chance to ride with Thomas the Tank Engine plus enjoy the park.  The event runs from 9AM to 5PM on August 30th ­ September 1st, 6th, and 7th.

 Take a magical ride on life-­sized Thomas and spend the day immersed in the world of Sodor.

Have your picture taken with Thomas and his kindly but stern boss, Sir Topham Hatt.

Enjoy great live music and storytelling, Thomas themed activities, and lots more at the Imagination Station. In addition to spending time with Thomas, you have unlimited use of all their amusement park rides.  

The event costs $20 which includes entry to the park, one 20 minute ride on a passenger car pulled by Thomas, video viewing, coloring, temporary tattoos, storytelling, live entertainment and park rides. Tickets can be purchased online or at the park by visiting or calling 866-­468-­7630.  
The tour, now in its 19th year, will make stops in 42 U.S. cities and is expected to welcome nearly one million passengers in 2014. 
For information on Thomas and Friends, visit Follow Thomas and Friends on Facebook at and Twitter @ThomasParent.  
I suggest you Like the Edaville Facebook page to stay up to date.  You can also follow them on Twitter: @EdavilleUSA

Edaville USA is absolutely beautiful.  Not only is there the train ride but there are lots of rides and other fun activities.

I highly suggest if you want an affordable day out join Thomas on his Day Out at Edaville USA.  
Disclosure:  I received a family four pack of tickets to this event to promote it.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

Monday, August 18, 2014

8/18/14: Disney Planes Fire and Rescue Fire Blastin' Dusty

Evan absolutely loved Disney Pixar's Cars, now with Planes there is a new world of fun in the air.  The beloved Dusty Crophopper has inspired a fun new toy.  With a trip to Walt Disney World within the next few days I knew it was the perfect time to play with his Fire Blastin' Dusty toy.
The toy has a very clever mechanism to scoop up the balls.  It even offers storage under the plan in the pontoons.
 You can ride him around and he picks up the "water" balls.  It comes with 6 of them and 3 flames.
The water balls shoot out from the plane by pulling the lever.  It is really easy for kids to use and is intended for kids 3 and up.
Dusty also says phrases and makes sounds.  He responds to being tilted from side to side and when the trigger is pulled to shoot water balls.  He says 20 different phrases.
Here you can see the balls feed in from the bottom and are pushed up and around.
 He is really cute.
Evan aiming to fire.  If they do hit you they do not hurt.
 Our dog Fred liked it too.
 Here you can see it as packaged.  It is made by Mattel and suggested retail is $49.99 and it is sold at all major toy retailers.
The Sky is the Limit with Fire Blastin' Dusty.  I am sure your kids will love him!
Disclosure:  I received this Disney Planes Fire Blastin' Dusty for review purposes from Disney Consumer Products.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

8/18/14: Curious George Comes to Edaville USA

Curious George is coming to Edaville USA in Carver, MA this weekend on August 23rd and 24th.  There is trouble in Dinoland and Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat are coming to save the day!
We met Curious George when we were at Edaville USA once.  He is so adorable!  You can meet Curious George and his owner, The Man in the Yellow Hat on this special weekend.  Plus unlimited rides on the train, and ride the rides.  It is a whole day of fun.
You must experience the all new Dinoland.  We think it is so cool. 
There is also a special experience where you can have Breakfast with Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat.  This experience is an additional $15 and you are able to enjoy pancakes before the park opens.

All rides and attractions are included in general park admission, so you can visit and also enjoy unlimited use of all park amusements. 
General admission is $20, with free entrance to guests under the age of 2, and $17 for seniors. 
Tickets can be purchased online by visiting or at the park entrance. 

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  If you want a fun day with a Curious Monkey, make sure to visit Edaville USA! 
Disclosure:  I received season passes of tickets for my family to promote Edaville USA.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

8/17/14: New England Revolution VIP Field Experience

My son plays soccer and has since he was three.  When we were offered a VIP Field Passes and tickets to the New England Revolution vs Portland Timbers match I knew my son would be so excited.  We even got to meet Slyde the Fox who is the Mascot for the New England Revolution.
It was such an awesome experience for the whole family.  
When we arrived there was a tented area as you entered where we picked up our VIP Field Passes and got wrist bands to go right up on the sides of the field.  
 Here you can see the kids with the field right behind them.
We got to watch the players practicing for the match.
 It was really cool being this close to the players.
The kids were enjoying it.
Evan was getting some pointers on the game by watching.
As you can see here Evan was just a bit excited.  He even wore his Travel Soccer uniform.
We also got a Bobble Head of Kelyn Rowe.  They were giving them out as you entered the stadium.
Here is our bobble head on the field too.
And Kelyn on the field for real.
Watching more of the players practice.
The goalie practicing.
Then we were able to wait and see the players come on to the field and slap hands with many of them.
A view after the players entered the field from where we were slapping hands with them.

Here is the game ball up close.
Then we went up to our Club Seats.
Club seats are the way to go.  They are so comfortable.  In fact I tweeted about them and my tweet was put up on the big board.  Tweet with the hashtag #NERevsGame and your tweet can be featured too during a game.
A view from our seats.
It was a beautiful night for a game.
Lauren and I taking a Selfie at the game.
Celebration after the New England Revolution scored a goal.
The final score was 1 to 1.
Here you can see the area you have access to with Club Seats.  We went up here to use the restrooms and get food.
Take your soccer enthusiast to the game!
What an awesome night at Gillette Stadium.
Follow the New England Revolution online:
Twitter:  @NErevolution #NERevsGame
Disclosure:  I received 4 tickets to the game and VIP Field Passes for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.