Friday, November 7, 2008

11/7/08: Going to see Santa and an 18 mth checkup

I decided to take the kids to see Santa before the rush to get pictures with Santa and the long lines. I learned my lesson after I waited almost an hour the first year with Evan. Well no line which was great, however despite the fact that I knew Lauren was acting off I took them. This plan backfired. Lauren wanted nothing to do with Santa. Evan loved him though. Hence I am in the picture with Lauren.
Right after we had to head to Lauren's 18 mth appt. She was 21 lbs and 11.5 ozs (10th percentile) and 33 1/4 inches (almost 90th percentile). I also found out she had an ear infection which explained the nasty mood with Santa. Doctor said she is doing great (of course except for the ear infection which we got Amoxycillin for). Man I wish I had her metabolism. She eats a ton and is still only 10th percentile.

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