Tuesday, December 15, 2009

12/15/09: Our Formal Holiday Photos

Just as last year I waited to post this until all my Christmas Cards were sent. Here are all of our formal photos.
Merry Christmas!
Here are some cute ones of the kids. This one is adorable.

I love this one.
Holding hands. Amazing how big Lauren is getting seeing her next to Evan.

The sled pic.

Love how his head is tipped over to hers.

The Christmas Card family photo.

One more cute one.


Anne Y said...

Great photos!
Happy Holidays to you and yours and warm wishes for 2010!

AMomTwoBoys said...

So cute! They really look like they like each other! :0)

Merry Christmas!

AmazingGreis said...

Love the card and the photos! Too cute!

Zandi said...

Stunning pictures, beautiful card! Well done and Thank you for sharing. Happy Holidays!

Kirsten said...

So cute! You got some great photos.

Happy Holidays!