Sunday, May 23, 2010

5/23/10: Evan's 5th Birthday Party at the Fire Station

Evan had a fantastic 5th birthday party. We started at the Billerica Fire Station and learned a lot from the Fire Fighters including all the kids spraying the hose, getting to go in the Fire Trucks and rescue boat, seeing the jaws of life in action, seeing the ladder go up and a fire fighter climb it, and seeing a fire fighter in full gear to teach the kids to not be afraid. Everyone - kids and adults had a great time. Right as we were wrapping up they got a call and we saw the Fire Truck speed away in front of us.
The ladder fully extended!
Evan in full gear.
Evan spraying the hose. One of his favorite parts.
Many of the kids...we had 28 kids there! All of Evan's classmates and friends.

Lauren and Evan.

We then had people back to the house for fun in the bounce house, outdoor games, and food. Here we are at cake time! Mommy made a Fire Truck and Fire Station cake and flame cupcakes.
A great time was had by all.
Evan's Formal 5th birthday pictures. In full fire fighter gear. They claim these will be up in Piture People.
One more:

And a full slideshow of the party:
And a full slideshow of formal shots:

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