Tuesday, September 7, 2010

9/7/10: Orientation Day for School!

Today was orientation for both kids for school. Evan had Kindergarten orientation and Lauren had Pre-School orientation. What a big day!
Lauren all ready to go.
Evan with the box he needs to bring to school with activities for quiet time. He decorated this himself.
Lauren looking cute.
Evan ready to go.
Evan in front of his welcome sign.
Drawing a picture of his family, which ironically Mommy had to do at Lauren's orientation too!
Showing his teacher.
Posted on the wall.
In front of his class room.
Evan and his buddy Molly at school. They are in the same class and have known each other since Evan was 6 months old.
Trying out the Bus.
In front of his cubby.
The Welcome sign.
Lauren in front of her school with her name up.
Lauren's welcome sign.
Lauren and her teacher.
Lauren giving her teacher a hug goodbye.

It is going to be a great year!

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Brooke said...

According to the picture with all Lauren's classmates listed, Lauren is in the same class as our neighbor's grand-niece, Sage (red-haired girl).