Saturday, March 19, 2011

3/19/11: Evan's 1st Town-Wide Art Show

Today Evan got to participate in the Town-Wide Art Show with all 6 elementary schools from Billerica. Here he is with his ribbon. Here was my post from the Ditson Art Show.
Here are all the Ditson kids. As the Emcee stated, these children are all winners, as they all won for their own schools to move on to the town-wide show. The Art was very impressive by all the children. Evan didn't win today, but we are very proud of the effort he put in.
Evan was the first one to be announced on the stage to get his ribbon. I helped line the children up for them to go on to the stage. There was one scared little kindergartener that I had to walk on the stage. She was adorable. I also setup the Art yesterday and transported it from the Ditson which was interesting with all the wind. The penguins almost flew away in Penguin Migration, and the Rocket almost blasted off in Blast Off!
Here are all the Ditson children for K-5.
Evan with his ribbon on stage.
Evan's Art with his ribbon.
The table of all of the Kindergarten pieces.

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