Monday, September 12, 2011

9/9/11: The Tooth Fairy Visits Evan For The First Time

Evan had a stubborn wiggly tooth that didn't want to come out.  Unfortunately he had another tooth coming through behind it which caused us to have to take him to the Densist and have it pulled.  Here he is pre-tooth loss.
 During tooth loss.
 Post tooth loss he was very sad he couldn't play outside as he had to take it easy.  He had soccer practice which we went to just to meet his team and get his uniform but he couldn't practice.  He didn't seem bothered at all by any pain which was good.
After the gauze came out.
But the tooth fairy was good to him, bringing a whopping $10!  He got to use the same pillow I used as a kid to put my teeth in for the Tooth Fairy.

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