Sunday, October 9, 2011

10/8/2011: Roger Williams Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular "A Journey Around the World"

Last night we went to the Roger Williams Zoo Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular and it lived up to it's name, it was Spectacular.  The Tree at the end is so cool and could not possibly be captured by a picture. 
 Here are the kids with a Witch as we entered.  I would recommend getting there early if you go on a Friday or Saturday night.  We got there at 5 and it opened at 6.  The gates open at 6 to buy tickets and then you go in to the Zoo and follow ropes to where the dispaly is (across from the Girafes).  They say lines can get up to 2 hours at 6 pm and a lady in line told us the line was out to the street when she went last year.  Since last night was such a beautiful night weather wise it was busy but luckily we got there early.
 Because we were there early we saw some animals too.
The theme for the display was "A Journey Around the World".  It was very cool to see so many countries represented.
 Some of our favorites.  Or course Lauren loved Tinker Bell.
  Frankenstein was wicked cool.
Cool display. 
 Evan's favorite of course was Lightening McQueen from Cars!
One of John's favorites.

 So intricate!
 I loved this one, Chevy Chase from European Vacation.
 There was even snow coming down in the North Pole Area complete with Christmas trees and a Pumpkin carved like Santa!
 And of course Rudolph.
The kids in front of one of the displays.
Wow that is a big pumpkin!
 You know Justin Bieber has made it when they carve a pumpkin to look like him!
Another one of the kids favorites, Sponge Bob.

 The Tree.  I am not doing it justice with these pictures.  Those are all carved pumpkins going up.
 The Tree area.
 What an amazing display.  I am so happy we made the trip.  It was well worth it!

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Dayngr said...

Looks like you have all been having a great time! So nice to see you enjoying Fall.