Thursday, February 9, 2012

2/9/12: Fashion Playtes Deal! $15 for $30 Worth of "Design Your Own Fashions"

I told you a little while ago about a wonderful company called Fashion Playtes.  It is a website that allows your child to design their clothes and then have them created for them.  So far we have made a dress and shirt.  I have a deal for you from Juice in the City for Fashion Playtes.
 $15 for $30 Worth of "Design Your Own" Fashions for Girls at
Start Date: Friday 02/10/2012
End Date: Sunday 02/12/2012

Here was Lauren's creation!

  This was the design she created online at in their Design Studio.  She loves purple so she of course needed a purple dress and then was able to chose all of the embellishments. 
 It is so fun to work with your daughter designing a creation especially for them.  There are so many options of appliques, embellishments, colors, etc.  This is a sample of the website.  You can chose everything and then chose a label to put on their creation with their name.  We put a label on the back of Lauren's dress.
The website is so easy to use for young girls.  Their clothes are geared for about 4-12 years old.  They have dresses, shirts, bottoms, outerwear, loungewear and accessories.  You can even design clothes for your doll to match yours.  Once you are done with your creation you can purchase it, share it with others, or use it on your model in your virtual world.  They are working on many enhancements to the system where girls can earn points for their designs and use it for accessories in their virtual world.  Super cute! 
 Each seamstress starts with a base body garment like a t-shirt, tank or jean jacket and then works on adding all the embellishments you chose whether that’s ribbons, rhinestones or ruffles.  Orders are double-checked by their quality team and then handed off for shipping. 
 Here are all the girls in their creations.
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