Sunday, May 13, 2012

5/13/12: Crayola Glow Sand Ball Review

Crayola is really coming out with some cool new products!  We got to try the Glow Sand Ball.  This is a cool toy to play with at night which can be played with in two ways.  You can either use it as a ball to toss around when it is closed or open the release area and roll the ball and watch the sand spill out as it rolls.
 This is how it all starts.  You open the sand and activator packet and pour it in to the ball with the provided funnel.
 Evan having fun tossing it around.  Evan was enjoying throwing the ball back and forth with Dad and then using it as a basketball and trying to shoot it in the basket.  It will glow for up to 4 hours of fun.
 Then we opened the release chamber and it was so cool to see the glowing dust all over the driveway.  My camera doesn't capture it well but it did look super cool.
 This is how it looks as packaged.  At only $4.99 this is a pretty cool toy.
 It has three packets of color.  We did Blue, but there is also Yellow and Orange.
And the Orange.
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