Thursday, June 20, 2013

6/20/13:Take the Kids Out To Fenway Park to See the Red Sox

As a blogger I am very fortunate sometimes to get some one of a kind opportunities.  Yesterday I was able to go on a tour of Fenway Park, watch batting practice and provide feedback to Red Sox Marketing professionals on providing a better family experience at Fenway.  Seriously how cool is that?
What is more all American than going to a baseball game?  Now that my son plays little league he has an appreciation for going to see a game.  
I love that Fenway management reached out to family bloggers to talk about how to enhance the Fenway Park experience.  

If you don't know about Futures at Fenway I highly suggest reading my Futures at Fenway post.  This is a wonderful family friendly event where concessions are discounted and kids can enjoy the Fenway experience catered to them.

We have been going for the last two years and the kids love it!  
Plus kids can join Red Sox Kid Nation.  Here are my kids with their lunch boxes and hats when they joined a couple years ago.
A one year membership includes what is shown below plus access to watch Batting Practice from the Green Monster, access to purchase 2 discounted Outfield Grandstand tickets, 10% off at the Team Store, in game giveaways, opportunity to attend special events at Fenway, a Kid Nation Passport, and 3 issues of the Kids Club Newsletter.

We got to see a cool area where they filmed a dating show a while ago.
You have to enter a lottery to get seats in this area but they do include $25 in concessions.
Another favorite area to sit on is the Green Monster.  Here is the view from there.
The seats in the Green Monster area.
 Here is a view in the Green Monster area of the $35 standing room seats.
 The guys warming up.
Here is a little bit of Red Sox History.  This Red Chair is in the right field bleachers and is Seat 21 in Row 37 of Section 42.  This chair marks the spot where Ted Williams hit the longest home run in Fenway's 84 years. 
We also got to check out the Royal Rooters Club which is an elite area for long time season ticket holders.
It has lots of cool memorabilia all around the area. 
I think the highlight for me was going to Batting Practice on the field.  Here is Pedroia.  I think he was posing for me.
Here are the guys getting ready for the game.
 This is not an opportunity you can purchase.

I am on the field!!!
So awesome!
John was then able to attend the game for me.  I had to go to an advanced screening of Monsters University and was sad to have to leave.

What a fantastic experience!  I thank the Red Sox and Fenway Park for welcoming us and listening to our feedback.
Go ahead and take your kids out to the Ballgame!
Disclosure:  I received two tickets to the Red Sox game in addition to a tour and access to batting practice.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.


Keri Wilmot said...

It was so great to see you Gilda! It was such a special opportunity!

Jane said...

Great recap, Gilda! We had such a great time!

Juanita M said...

Amzing experience! Great post. Thanks for sharing