Wednesday, July 3, 2013

7/3/13: RingStix A Fun New Twist on Ring Toss Play

Summer means time to play outside.  We got to try out RingStix Lite recently and the kids had a lot of fun playing with them.  It is a cool new toy that just launched in November 2012 and has already received many awards.  Read on and you can win RingStix.
It is sort of like ring toss but a lot more fun.
RingStix is played with slightly curved 25 inch brightly colored sword-like sticks and a 5 inch ring.  To play you put the ring over both sticks with them crossed and then pull your arms across and the ring is propelled forward.
We received RingStix Lite as it is intended for younger users as young as 6.  My kids are 6 and 8 and they picked it up very quickly and were having fun with it.  I was a bit worried they wouldn't get the hang of it but they immediately did and were so proud to show me how far they could make the ring go.
To catch it you can use one or both of the sticks.
Here is a short video of Lauren demonstrating how to use RingStix.  I think she has a future in Marketing.
The kids really enjoyed flinging the ring.  I must say one criticism I would say is that they should include more than one ring as I could see losing it.  However I did see on their website you can just buy rings.  The replacement ones even comes with one that glows in the dark which I am sure the kids would like.  Some of the other sets come with the glow in the dark ring.
Lauren found some other fun things to do with the rings.
Evan giving me a pose.  I think this is a great toy for working on hand/eye coordination.
I am not going to lie, the sticks eventually turned in to swords and then was a little fun play with the two of them and the sticks.
Here they are as packaged.  These sell for $14.99
Enter the Giveaway below and win RingStix for your family.
Disclosure:  I received the product for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.
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we love playing with water balloons in the warm weather :)

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We love playing badminton in the summer :D

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we love playing tic tac toe with chalk and squirt gun games

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we play badminton and horse shoes.

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We play croquet a lot. It seems even though I am uncoordinated I can still play.

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I like playing tag with the kids outside because then I really get some exercise while playing.

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we play badminton

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