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8/12/13: Water Country in Portsmouth, NH

Water Country, Water Country, Have Some Fun!  You know that jingle gets stuck in your head.  I know it gets stuck in mine.  We went to Water Country in Portsmouth, NH over the weekend.
They lived up to their jingle, we did have some fun.  Actually we had a lot of fun.  It was a perfect day with a beautiful blue sky and warm weather.
 We were extremely lucky to receive a Standard Cabana.  This was perfect to store our things and relax.  We could also eat in here with the shades down.  Our Cabana was right next to the Wave Pool and we also had a locker in this area to store valuables.
 This is the view of the cabanas from the other side of the wave pool
I was loving photographing the wave pool.  You can only get to this area with a Cabana wristband.   

So pretty to look at.

Evan was loving the waves! 
Lauren loved them too! 
 Check out those waves!
Here is Evan floating up and down with the waves. 
 The kids relaxing at the Cabana.  The standard has 2 reclining chairs and two regular chairs and a little table.  They cost $85 for the day.  There are also King Cabanas and Mini Cabanas.  You can read more here, it is slightly cheaper when booking on-line and I would suggest doing this as you can ensure availability. 
 The view from our Cabana.
Another favorite of all of ours is the Lazy River.  Hey anything that lets me lounge as I go through the water is fun for me.
Then we headed to the Family Slide.  We opted for the tan one without the full tunnel.  The kids loved it so much we rode it twice.  It is perfect for the whole family to ride together in one raft.

Plus they have plenty of kids play areas.  Here is Pirate Evan.
 Here is the Pirate Ship area to play in.  This is meant for children under 48 inches.
 There are also lots of fun slides for adults.   This is a slide that just opened last year called Dr. Von Dark's Tunnel of Terror.  We didn't ride it but did hear people talking about it and trying to figure out what was going on it.  They did say it was really cool!  It tells you there are strobe lights.  It has a very long line so get in line early.

And Geronimo that goes straight down!  We saw several people chicken out after getting to the top of the slide.

 Here is a slide that e rode.  We opted for the tan slide and went on a two person raft which was perfect.  I rode with Evan and Lauren rode with John.

 Another favorite area is the whirl pool type pool.  It has jets pushing you in one direction.
I think the kids spent the most time in this pool.  They loved it. 
 Lauren showed me how well she swam in this pool.
 There is also this Octopus water play area.
Another favorite slide was this one.  It is nice because they have different levels.  Evan started with the Pink one first as it was the easiest. 
 John did the Yellow which was the fastest.
 Then Evan decided to go back down and do the Green one which is the longest.  Fun for everyone.

  What a great place.  Water Country, Water Country, Have Some Fun!  Have I got the jingle in your head?
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Twitter: @watercountry
Disclosure:  I received a family four pack of passes to Water Country, a Standard Cabana and a locker in exchange for this post.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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