Monday, September 16, 2013

9/16/13: Truck Day in Burlington

This is our 8th year in a row going to Truck Day in Burlington at the Common.  The kids have so much fun every year at this event.  Plus I feel like it gets bigger every year.  This was my favorite, a truck lifting a truck.
Lauren checking out the Fire Truck.
 Evan in the Fire Truck.
Oh no, Lauren got locked up. 
The State Police are hot on her trail. 
 Evan checking out some big tractors.
Lauren having fun sliding down one of the trucks. 
For some reason sliding down this truck is a highlight for many of the kids.
 Evan feeling like a big guy in the huge trucks.  Of course he loved beeping the horns!
Lauren working some equipment. 
Lauren is getting scooped up.
 Evan driving another big truck.
 Lauren was having a blast!
Such cool trucks! 
And ambulances.
 A huge thanks to Crescio Trucking that was the truck for our school float in the Yankee Doodle Parade on Saturday.
What a wonderful day to experience so really cool vehicles, enjoy the wonderful weather and see some friends. 

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