Monday, January 6, 2014

1/6/14: VitaFrute Low Calorie Cocktail from VeeV

As you may know I have been on a quest to lose weight and be healthier.  While trying to lose weight it is sometimes hard to drink alcohol.  I tend to drink higher calorie fruity alcoholic drinks so I was excited to be offered VitaFrute cocktail to try.   It is the first organic super fruit cocktail in a bottle and only 125 calories per serving! 
 Perfect to drink if you are watching your weight or even if you aren't it just tastes good.  I really liked the Margarita.  Just put it in the fridge, shake it a bit as it does settle a little, pour, garnish and drink.  It was sweet and tasty.  All of the flavors are made with VeeV açaí spirit and it comes in Margarita, Lemonade, and Cosmopolitan.  They are 15% alcohol per volume (30 proof).  
At VeeV they donate 1% of all sales to rainforest preservation and environmental initiatives because they would never want to lose sight of the little berry that inspired it all.  They are committed to ensuring that the açaí berry, along with all the wondrous superfruits and flora in their rainforest habitats, is around for generations to come.  They even use partially recycled bottles, labels are printed with organic soy ink, and cases are made of post-consumer waste.
VitaFrute also has a special consumer offer this New Year's (where legal). VitaFrute will offer savings on any Fitness Class, Gym or Health Club Membership or Monthly Fees. You just need to purchase 2 bottles of VitaFrute and mail in the rebate form. 
Check it out!
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Disclosure:  I received this bottle of VitaFrute for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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