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9/7/14: Frozen Summer Celebration Fun at Disney's Hollywood Studios

In late August we traveled to my favorite place, Walt Disney World!  My daughter loves Frozen and when I booked the trip back in December I had no idea they would be having a Frozen Summer Celebration in Disney's Hollywood Studios.  I was very excited when it was announced.  Lauren's birthday party this year had a Frozen theme so I can't even tell you how excited she was.  Read on and you can learn more about the Frozen Summer Fun Premium Package that we had.
Right as we entered the park we knew there would be a lot of Frozen fun.
This event starts with Anna and Elsa's Royal Welcome.  It is a short parade that ends at the Sorcerers Hat.
The girls arrive in a beautiful horse drawn carriage.
 There are also dancers along the route on roller skates.
 Kristoff also arrives with Anna and Elsa.  This is the only place I have seen Kristoff.
Anna and Elsa are then welcomed on stage.
They perform for a short time talking back and forth to Olaf.
Here you can see Olaf on the screen as everyone sings along.
We had purchased the Frozen Summer Fun Premium Package.  We had a roped off area to sit in for the processional and could then move forward to the stage after the processional went by.  We also had Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bars, Frozen Lemonade Slush and all you could drink water, soda, and juice in this area, 
The ladies hopped back in their carriage and left the stage area.
Here you can see the check in sign for the Premium Package.
All throughout the day Olaf would pop up and have sing-a-longs and talk about his summer.
They also handed us an Olaf as we entered the park which was sort of like a fan.  During the day you could tweet pictures of you with Olaf with hashtag #OlafSummerVacation.  Here is our picture with him that we tweeted.

You cannot meet Anna and Elsa (that is only at Princess Fairytale Hall in Magic Kingdom), however there are many places to get magical pictures.
These areas were very clearly marked as backdrops were setup to take a picture.  Here we are with Sven.
 Oh my gosh, it is Sven!
 These are my favorites with Olaf.
Love this one.  I love the expressions on the kids faces.
There is also a For the First Time In Forever: Frozen Sing-Along Celebration with Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff.  With our Premium Package we also had a separate line to enter the theater and had great seats.  We were in the third row.  This happens at multiple times during the day.
Anna is so adorable.
There are two very funny hosts for the For the First Time In Forever: Frozen Sing-Along Celebration.
The fan favorite Let It Go got a lot of the kids and adults singing along.
Here is Olaf joining in the fun.
Kristoff showed up too.
Of course Elsa came to the sing-along too.
Sisterly love.
Let It Go was sung again when Elsa came out.
It even snowed in the theater.
What a ton of fun for the whole family.
They also had a building setup with an ice rink!  Oaken's Frozen Funland is a great place to cool off.  You can even rent some skates and get out on the ice.
Or you could play in an area with snow.  In the heat of August this was a great place to be in.
With our Premium Package we also had access to a dessert party which was a lot of fun.  There was potential rain in the area so they held it in the Playhouse Disney theater.
Here you can see the room.  There was music playing.
This party featured lots of cool Frozen themed snacks, chocolate fondue, drinks, coffee and alcoholic beverages.
Here you can see some Anna chocolate cupcakes.  Of course they are chocolate, Anna loves chocolate!
Anna vanilla cupcakes.
These cool little dessert shooters.
Here are the items for the chocolate fondue.
Lauren really liked the fondue.
Here are some of the juices.
Lauren showing off her Olaf dessert treat.
Lauren dancing away.
The Frozen bar.
Evan checking out the desserts.
Then we had a Cast Member walk us outside for the Frozen Fireworks.
We had a roped off area again to be in for the fireworks.
The Fireworks were beautiful especially with the Frozen music playing.
The fireworks were right behind the Sorcerers Hat.
The latest I information I read said that this Frozen Summer Celebration will be going on until September 28th so check it out before it melts!
What a fabulous FROZEN day despite the heat!

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