Sunday, November 30, 2014

11/30/14: TRENDIY Art Headband Creations Set Giveaway

My daughter loves to create and loves sparkly pretty accessories.  TRENDIY Art puts both together in the TRENDIY Art Headband Creations Set.  My daughter loves it and I am also giving one away so read on to win.
Here is the set.  It comes with 9 different ribbons, 6 metal rings, 3 chains, 1 elastic cord and a how to fashion magazine.
Lauren chose what ribbons she wanted to use.  You need to use at least two but can use more and the chain.  You start by opening the metal ring and clipping the chain on to it.  You then put the ribbons through the metal ring and tie a knot as seen here.
Then the fun begins.  You braid the ribbons together.  There are two different sets of directions given to create your headbands, or bracelets could be made.

Here is Lauren braiding away.
It didn't take long to finish the length of the chain.  It took Lauren about 10 minutes.
Then you tie the ribbons on to a ring on the end you just finished braiding.  There is a stretchy band that you add on to make it the proper length.  Super easy to make and super cute.
Lauren trying out her creation.
She then decided to make another one with some different colors.  Here she used purple and a polka dot black ribbon.
Braiding away.
Here finished creation.
Here she is wearing both of them.  She loves them and loves that she made them herself.  Stylish and fun, the perfect gift for your Fashionista.
Enter below to win this Trendiy Art Headband Creations Set.

Disclosure: I received the Trendiy Art Headband Set for review purposes. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own. a Rafflecopter giveaway


Dave said...

i'd give this to my daughter!

Lauryn said...

I'd love to give this to my daughter!