Monday, February 2, 2015

2/2/15: Discover the Dinosaurs Experience in Boston

This past weekend we got to experience Discover the Dinosaurs in Boston.  I was very impressed with the whole display plus there is so much fun for the kids including Dinosaur rides, inflatables, gem mining, and mini golf.
This exhibit has so much to see.  You can spend several hours there.
Here are the kids at the cool entrance to the Discover the Dinosaurs area.  When you enter the facility there were two entrances one on the right to go to the Dinosaurs and one on the left to go to the Ice Age Exhibit.  I recommend going through the Dinosaurs first.
A highlight for the kids was the scavenger hunt.  When entering you are given a list with pictures of all the dinosaurs and you can check off as you find them.  At the end you can turn it in and the kids got a little dinosaur stencil for their investigation and finding all the dinosaurs.
There are so many cool moving dinosaurs making noises.
The kids also liked the dinosaur bone areas.
There are also lots of places to pose with cool dinosaurs.
Love this T-Rex.
So much awesome stuff to see and learn about.
There are large electronic displays in front of each display telling you more information about what you are looking at.
The kids loved the displays.
A highlight for the kids was the rides.  Little ones would especially love this.  The kids are seat belted in as the life like dinosaur rocks back and forth.
Here is Evan riding on a Woolly Mammoth.
Here is some video of the displays and rides.

Here is another dinosaur ride.  All of these rides were included with the admission.
Now there is the Ice Age area.
There were more cool scenes to see.
Lauren giving me a pose.
Checking out some cool dinosaur bones.
We liked these guys.
The inflatables area was really fun for the kids.  Mine went in there for quite a while.  Make sure you bring socks.  This is included with admission.
Here you can see some of the other inflatables.
There is also a cute little mini golf area.  There was also a smaller kids area.
They had a ton of dinosaur themed merchandise.  We bought Evan a really cool shirt.  The prices were very reasonable.  There was also a snack bar with food and drinks in the building.
There was also a gem and fossil panning area.
What a fantastic time.  I highly recommend going when it comes to your town.
Disclosure:  I was provided 4 tickets for my family to attend Discover the Dinosaurs and was given tickets for giveaway.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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