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7/12/15: Plaster Fun Time Painting Fun For All Ages

It is great to let kids express their creative side and what better way to do it then to paint?  If you are looking for a fun place to take the kids on a rainy day or even when the weather is hot and you just want to stay cool take them to Plaster Fun Time.  We have gone many times and love it.
Here you can see the outside of the Chelmsford MA location that we went to.  You can check out all locations here.  Also make sure to sign up for coupons on their website.
There are many options of size and variety of items to paint.  Every item is broken up by wall that gives you the price.  Here you can see the $15.99 wall.  I have painted the Ghostbusters logo from this wall.  The kids have done some of the other items.  The nice thing is that this price includes all your supplies.  Plus no mess in your house painting!  I try to keep painting out of our house.
With younger kids you may want to start with the $10.99 wall.  Lauren has done one of the L's and she has it up on her wall in her room.
Here are some of the $12.99 items.  We have done quite a few from this wall including the Patrick and Sponge Bob.  There are a lot of sports items too which my son likes.
Here are some larger items with a lot of princesses.  These are $19.99.  Lauren has painted one of the Hello Kitties before.
These are the largest items.  We have not tackled any of these yet.  I am concerned how much time they might take the kids to paint.
You can also have your birthday party at Plaster Fun Time.  We have actually been to a few parties there.  It is a lot of fun for all the kids.  You can read more about parties here.
Once you make the all important decision of what you want to paint the first thing you need to do is paint primer all over the item.  This is a fun part as you don't have to worry about making any mistakes you just cover the whole item.  The only key is to not put the primer on to thick.
Once the item is covered just let it dry for a few minutes.  In fact it can dry while you are getting your paint colors.  You can grab a tray and put all the colors in it that you need.  They also give you a smock to protect your clothing.  The paints do easily wash off your skin but will stain clothing.
Now you have your paint brushes and your paints.
Evan picked a Bruins logo.  Many items have one sample out that the kids like to use as a sample for their painting.  Here you can see Evan made a mistake and put yellow where it did not belong, not to worry though just let it dry and paint right over it.
There are also small magnets to paint too.  We usually grab a few magnets.  They are generally only $3-5.  Here is an astronaut magnet.
Here is Evan painting a baseball magnet.
The minion was the most work.  We had just seen the Minions movie so the kids were excited when they saw him.  We actually got the last one.  From what the person said that was working there they were going very fast as they had only received them a few days before.  There are always new fun items to paint.
I helped out with the Minion as he was so big and Lauren had a hard time with some of the detail work.
Here you can see the sample and our Minion.
After you are done painting it is time to take it over to have your creation over to get a finishing touch.  There are options of a shiny finish, pearl finish, or glitter finish.  We chose glitter for our Minion.
Here are all of our finished products.  Pretty good!
Here you can see the glitter on the Minion.
Plaster Fun Time is all about letting kids do it their way.  Items do not need to be perfect.  It is a perfect activity for any age.
What a great place to take the kids!  Or even go there as a Girls Night Out.  We saw many teenagers there too having an awesome time.  It really is great for all ages.
Find them online:
Twitter:  @PlasterFunTime
Disclosure:  I was provided with a gift certificate to Plaster Fun Time to facilitate my review.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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