Saturday, September 19, 2015

9/19/15: Suburban-ettes Perform at Groton Fest

We kicked off the baton twirling season with a performance at Groton Fest.  The girls did a sampling of their baton routines from last year and did an awesome job!
 Lauren has been twirling since she was 4!  I twirled for years when I was young and had no idea how much she would enjoy it.  She is having a blast and now in her 4th year competing.  Here is Lauren's Junior Team.  They have been twirling together for 3 years.
 They started off their show with their marching routine with all the girls.
Then her Junior Team did their Step In Time Routine.
It is such an adorable routine.
This is my favorite action shot.  They both caught it.
They also did a routine to Uptown Funk that they made up last year during their Twirl-a-Thon during the holiday break.
This one has a lot of props with trumpets, flags, hats, and batons.

The girls also did a little guitar action in another Pom Pom routine.
They were also in a World of Color routine.
Lauren doing flag.
Great job ladies!!!  You did awesome even with the sun in your eyes.
Check out the Suburban-ettes Website!  Your daughter might like to try something new and baton twirling is a ton of fun!

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