Wednesday, January 20, 2016

1/20/16: Miss Majorette of MA Baton Competition

Last weekend Lauren competed in the Miss Majorette of MA Baton Twirling competition and had a fantastic day!  Not only did she win the Massachusetts Pageant but she also won Miss Sweetheart!  I was so proud of her!
Here she is ready to go for her Miss Sweetheart Queen modeling.  She is wearing the same dress I wore when I used to model.
She did a wonderful job.
Here she is getting her banner put on when she was announced as the winner.
I love her face coming back after she won.
Here you can see a little more close up.
Here are all the girls from her team that competed in modeling.
Honestly I never thought when I was a twirler back in the day that some day I would be watching my own daughter twirling and modeling in my old costume.  When I watch her I feel like it brings back all the nerves I had when I twirled, and also brings out so much pride in how well she is doing.  Here she is doing her MA Pageant modeling which included an interview.  The MA Pageant includes three parts - Solo baton twirling (40%), X-Strut (40%), and modeling in a costume with interview (20%).
Her posture and smile are fantastic during modeling.
Next up was team.  Her team does a Newsies routine to "Seize the Day".
This is a super cute routine and they look great doing it.
Next up was basic marching.  She does awesome in this event.  The goal is to stay in step with the march music, point your toes, high knees, big smile, sharp corners, good posture, strong arms and eye contact.
She placed first and was excited to get her trophy.
Next up was X-Strut.  This is a new event for Lauren.  It involves four marching steps and then dancing type turns and spins.  It is all about balance, grace, and staying in time with the music while marching.
She did a great job!  She placed 1st in one X-Strut and 2nd in the other.
She then competed in Solo.  She did 3 solos, one for MA Pageant, one for Instate and one for Open.
She came in 1st in her pageant solo, and 2nd in the other two which was excellent.
Last but not least was trio.
The girls did awesome and came in first place.
At the very end of the day was the announcements for MA Pageant Winner.  She won!  Winning this title qualifies her to represent MA at the National and World Open Championship competition in Notre Dame University.
Here she is as 1st.
I was so proud of her!  What a phenomenal day!
Then on top of it our team, the Suburban-ettes Twirl Team was awarded with the Major Marjorie Gilbert Team plaque as an award for dedication to twirling.  This award was created to recognize the hard work, dedication and twirling accomplishments of teams that through the years have supported twirling in both our area and at nationals.  This award particularly recognized the "Spirit of the Team" and their support and participation in the NBTA (National Baton Twirling Association) Miss Majorette of Massachusetts.  Nominations are accepted each year for this award, all teams participating in the contest each year are considered. The selection is then decided on by committee for this each year.
What a fantastic day of competition!

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