Monday, February 1, 2016

2/1/16: Newly Opened K1 Speed in Wilmington MA

With school vacations coming up there is a need to keep kids entertained.  I found the perfect place to cure the boredom and rev up the fun over February or April vacation or any day for that matter.  K1 Speed recently opened in Wilmington, MA and when I told my son about it he couldn't wait to try it out!  To be honest, I was excited to try it out too!
The facility is beautiful.  There is a large area with two tracks.  One for Junior racers and one for Adult racers.  They have a snack bar, some arcade games, pool tables, seating areas, and party rooms.
Here are my junior racers.  Junior racers must be a minimum 48".  Adult karts are for 58" and taller.  They get a head sock to put on and can pick from different sized helmets.  The yellow is the smallest which is the one Lauren is wearing and the next size up is the red.
The kids were then taken on to the track to learn how to operate their karts.  They are pretty simple with one pedal being go and one being stop.  They are clearly labeled.
They are ready to go.  These vehicles are 100% electric so no smelly gas fumes!
Lauren and Evan ready to race!
Here is Evan rolling out.
Lauren rolling out.  They start with one lap around the track getting the feel of the car at a slower speed.
They are off racing!  They get to race against the clock and against each other in 12 laps.  At the end they get a detailed print-out of their lap times, position and ranking.  This information is also stored so they can see their improvement over time.
Here are Lauren and Evan!  We just walked in and they put them in to a race.  We did two races per child and they called their names over the loud speaker when it was time for them to race.  They also have a Junior Kart League.
They both loved it!  The junior go karts go up to 20 miles per hour!
Go Lauren!
Here is some video of them racing.
John and I also tried out the adult track.
Here I am, Lauren did her best trying to get pictures.  What a rush, when the kart sped up I think I screamed a little when going around a corner.  Their go Karts are the fastest in the industry at speeds up to 45 miles per hour.  I thought the kart was going to slide out.  They were actually really easy to maneuver.
Here is John.
Here is a picture of the Adult track.  It is a bit more curvy than the Junior track.
Here is Evan in his second race.
Lauren posing for me.
Here you can see a Party room.  There was a birthday party going on when we were there.  You can read more here about birthday parties.
The facility is awesome!
Here you can see another view of the race track.
I highly suggest checking them out!  It is fun for the whole family! 
Learn more here:
They have 35 locations!
Disclosure:  I was provided with racing for my family to facilitate my review.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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