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4/10/16: Natural Curls with Curlformers

Lauren competes in a lot of baton twirling and modeling competitions.  Part of the job of the Mom of a twirler is to be a hair stylist, makeup artist, and quick change helper.  I am always looking for ways to make our lives easier when she has to model at 8 am.  Recently I was provided with Curlformers Spiral Curlers for review and we were excited to try them out!
At 6 am or 7 am in the morning I hate having to use a hot curling iron on Lauren's hair.  We are both tired, I risk burning her or myself, plus I feel like I am damaging her hair.  Back when I twirled we wore very hard plastic curlers to bed.  They were uncomfortable to sleep in and I dreaded having them put in.  Every time the plastic end would be pulled off it would snap back and hit you in the head.  Now thanks to Curlformers we can sleep a little later in the morning, not subject Lauren's hair to harsh heat and sprays, and still get beautiful curls.  I was also lucky enough for this competition to be staying over with a couple of older twirlers from her team who were happy to help me try out Curlformers for the first time.  I must say they had a lot of fun using them and were amazed at the results.
The way that it works is you have these long Curlformers in two colors.  One color will create a curl to the right and one to the left.  The package also came with two of the black hooks.
You first make sure your hair is wet and comb through it to get out any tangles.  Take your black hook and feed it through one of the Curlformers.
Take a small section of hair and twist it at the root.  Take the hook and put that onto the twisted hair at the root.
Pull the hair through the Curlformer.
As you can see here we had a lot of fun doing this!  Here you can see the hook pulling the hair through the Curlformer.
Once the hair is fully pulled through you release and the Curlformer curls back up.
A few times we had to wind the Curlformers a bit as they didn't totally curl back up.
Once we were done this is the end result.  You could also do one color on one side and the other color on the other side making curls go away from your face.  We decided to just alternate colors.
Lauren has really long hair and these were long enough for her whole hair.  Some even had some space down the bottom without hair.
The end result when she woke up in the morning was beautiful curls.  All we had to do is squeeze the top end and pull and voila there were beautiful curls.  I have to be honest I was a little skeptical.  I had plugged in our curling iron just in case we needed, but I didn't need to use it at all.  Her hair looked gorgeous!
They looked gorgeous and natural.
She was so excited with the result and she was comfortable sleeping with them in.
She was now ready for modeling in Queen and confident that she looked her best.
The judges gave her high marks on her hair so they approved also of Curlformers.
Here you can see another view.
So beautiful.
She won Advanced Miss MA Classic Queen and Advanced Best Appearing so I would say her hair looked wonderful!
Here are Curlformers as packaged.  
You can find them online here:
Twitter:  @Curlformers
Disclosure:  I received Curlformers for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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