Wednesday, June 15, 2016

6/15/16: New Kids on the Block Rock This Boat Season 2

Recently I was able to interview the New Kids on the Block in Boston and last week I was lucky enough to travel to New York City to attend a live QA with them that was live streamed and it was an amazing experience.  Here is the fully live streamed Q&A.  These guys are awesome and it was so fun listening to them talk about their experiences.
We got to learn a lot of cool things from them.  I found out that Mark Wahlberg was originally in the group.  All the guys in the group were friends back in 1984 from their Boston neighborhood when they formed the group.  Danny Wood joined the group when he found out Jordan was going to be in the band.  Not only did I get to be there for the Q&A but I also got to take a picture with Donnie Wahlberg!  So cool.
We also got to screen episode 2 of their Season 2 of "Rock This Boat".  The show is hysterical and shows the New Kids on the Block on a cruise with all of their fans.  As Joey says "It was Spring Break in the best way possible"..."we want to give our fans the best time of their life".  You really need to watch the show, it is so entertaining.  If you are a fan or even if you are not you will appreciate the experience that these celebrities deal with.  The cruise really is "Mayham".  I also learned that Jordan calls it Mayham not Mayhem.
Every year they try and make the cruise better and better for their fans.  They truly care about their fans which I love.  The show really portrays their experience on the cruise.
The episode we watched made us all laugh out loud when they had to perform a concert on the cruise and were forgetting the words to songs.  Before the concert they had spent 6 hours taking pictures with a line of fans which must be so exhausting!  They talk about how their body aches from hugging everyone and taking pictures with them.
Donnie talked about how they still love performing and have a great time.  They really enjoy being together on the cruise.  He also talked about the love his Mom showed for him.  Donnie's son loves to play the drums and they love doing that together.  He talks about caring for what your kids do.
 These guys are truly a class act.  The whole group is so wonderful.
We had such a good time.
This picture makes me laugh.  It is like Where's Waldo?  Find all of the band members in this picture if you can.
Here is a little preview!  Get ready to "Rock This Boat"!

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Disclosure:  I was invited to New York City to be at the live stream with the New Kids on the Block members and was provided with a travel stipend.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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