Sunday, September 18, 2016

9/18/16: Moto Z Droid from Verizon

Recently I was invited to an event with Verizon but could not make it as we were in Walt Disney World.  Since I missed the event they sent me one of the new Moto Z Droid phones from Verizon to check out.  Plus I got to try out one of the Moto Mods to literally turn the phone in to a boombox.  The two most important things to me on a phone are the camera and battery and both were awesome on this.
Here is the snap on cover.
I have always had an iPhone so I did a comparison in size of the two.  Look at what a huge difference.  Of course I still have the iPhone 5s so it is on the smaller side anyways.
I did notice that the battery is much better and lasts over a day.  I have always had issues with power on my iPhone and this would help me quite a bit with social media posting while on blogging assignments.  It has a 2600 mAh battery.  It was very responsive and quick.
I also took some pictures with it and they seemed really clear even in low light.  We liked the functionality to turn it twice and see it change the camera orientation and one flip of the wrist to start the camera.  I noticed when the HDR setting on it was a bit on the slow side when taking a picture.  It even has a little message that pops up that says "hold camera steady".  It also includes two free years of storage on Google Photos™ which I could totally use.
What I thought was super impressive was the Moto Mods.  There are mods for power, stereo speakers and to turn your phone in to a projector.  How cool is that?  I received the JBL SoundBoost and was really impressed at the volume and stereo sound.
Here you can see the speaker magnetically connected to the phone.  There is no setup after you attach it the music just comes through the speakers.
Here you can see it in action.  The sound quality was fantastic.
I wasn't able to try it out but the projector sounded awesome also.  It is another Moto Mod that connects and will project photos and videos up to 70 inches wide onto any flat surface.  This would be fun when having people over it would be easy to project and show pictures or videos.  What a cool phone with awesome accessories.
Disclosure:  I was provided the Moto Z Droid and JBL Speaker on loan for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.


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