Tuesday, June 27, 2017

6/23/17: Evan Powered by BODYARMOR at Mookie Betts Baseball Camp

Kids these days are super busy and my son Evan is no exception.  He plays baseball, basketball, travel soccer, flag football, swims on the Swim Team and dances Hip Hop.  Needless to say my Saturdays are spent on the fields usually with up to three games.  To keep Evan going and to keep this soccer, baseball, basketball, swim, and dance Mom going we have made the switch to BODYARMOR Sports Drinks.  It helped Evan perform his best at a three hour baseball clinic with the awesome Red Sox player, Mookie Betts!
Yes you heard me right Evan got to go to a 3 hour baseball clinic with Mookie Betts and awesome baseball Coaches.  What perfect timing with him playing his third Championship Baseball Game the day after the Camp.  Check out Evan's group with Mookie.
We got to see Mookie up close too.
He probably doesn't remember but we met him last year at the Red Sox Winter Weekend as I am part of the Red Sox Parents program.
These kids work so hard as sports are so competitive these days.  You could tell with how many kids were at the camp.
Evan brought a friend who also plays baseball and they were so excited to learn from some of the best coaches.
They were in the All Stars Group.
We make sure we always have something for Evan to drink when he is at practices and games.  In fact we have been known to turn around and go home to grab a drink for him.  It is so important for these kids to stay hydrated when they are working hard.  If you haven't tried out BODYARMOR you should definitely check it out.  Not only do they have Sports Drinks but they also have a new Lyte line which is great and BODYARMOR Water.  

The Sports Drinks have great flavors that kids love including Lemonade, Grape, Fruit Punch and my favorite is Watermelon Strawberry.  These premium sports drink have no artificial flavors or sweeteners and are a much healthier alternative to traditional sports drinks.  BODYARMOR provides kids with Superior Hydration, are high in Vitamins and potassium, low in sodium, contain coconut water, naturally sweetened with pure cane sugar, and have no caffeine.  I heard many kids during the camp commenting on how much they liked it and asking their parents to buy it.
Here is the Peach Mango Lyte version.  It tastes really good and being the calorie conscience Mom right now that just lost 52 pounds this is the option for me.
This kid loves the taste.  It helps him when he needs to perform his best during baseball Championship Games.
 You can find BODYARMOR is available at Stop and Shop, Shaw’s, BJ’s, Target, CVS.
Check out how your athlete can become the next BODYARMOR athlete here: http://bit.ly/2rsSfFI
Disclosure:  This post was sponsored by BODYARMOR who also provided my son and a friend particiaption in ProCamps Baseball Camp with Mookie Betts.  All opinions as always are my own.

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