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10/9/17: Screeemfest at Canobie Lake Park

I love taking the family to Canobie Lake Park in Salem, NH.  There is so much to see and do.  This visit we got to experience Screeemfest for the first time and had a blast.
It was a beautiful fall day and the perfect day to go to Canobie Lake Park.  It is great to go there at this time of year as the weather is great, lines were low and there was an option for scares.  If you don't want to go in the haunted houses or be scared that is ok too even if you are there are Screeemfest starts.  You can buy a necklace to keep spooks away and you can avoid the haunted attractions.  But if you like to be scared it is the perfect place!
We went to the park near opening time at 1 pm to get a jump on all the rides.
My daughter Lauren loves Untamed.  It is an awesome roller coaster that has you heading straight up then dropping right in to a loop.
We also tried out the newest ride that had just opened the day we were there called Ice Jet.  It was so much fun.  We were lucky enough to ride just as they turned the lights on.  It goes forward and backward.
We also rode the Caterpillar which is one of my childhood favorites.
The Wipeout ride was lots of fun.
 What gorgeous views from the Sky Ride.  You can see all the rides here.
 It may look very quaint and pretty but just wait.
There were haunts at every turn.  But don't worry they were all stationary.
 The haunts that don't move are fine with me.

So cool looking.

 I like this guy.
 If haunts aren't your thing not to worry, there is also a petting zoo for the kids.  It is tucked in the back corner of the park behind Untamed.  It is open on Saturday and Sunday from 1-5 pm.
 I love this guy!  He is so adorable and soft!

 Lauren petting the super cute cow.
 You could also buy food to feed the animals.  They would give you a cup full of food.
But then night fell...da da da!  There were spooks that came out too scaring people.  We mostly saw them at the front of the park and near the haunted attractions.  One guy had a chain saw and it was funny to hear people running as he came near them.  You can buy a glow necklace at the front of the park for $5 so that the spooks won't come up  to you.
There are 5 haunts at night.  You can see the details here of all of them.  We stood outside the Canobie Lake Hotel haunted house for a bit and got a good chuckle out of people running out of it.
Carnivus is also in that same building but you enter on the right and the hotel on the left.  If you weren't already afraid of clowns you would be now.
 We took a walk around the park at night but the kids were too scared for the haunted houses, and if I am honest so was I!  It may be a water park during the summer but Castaway Island turns in to Black Hollow Cove for Screeemfest.
Watch out for this guy!
 The Village looked like another spooky area that would bring the scare.
So many scares.
 There was also a pass you could buy to go to the front of the line of the 5 scares.  It was $29 per person or $99 for 4 people.  This is in addition to admission prices.
You can have a spooky good time.  If kids are too afraid make sure to buy the necklace and just don't go in the scares.
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Disclosure:  I was provided four tickets to Canobie Lake Park for this review.  No compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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